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  1. Moto G4 dual SIM variant is supported. Dual SIM + 3rd slot for memory card.
  2. Yes! Grey P8000 (with LED) has replaced my HTC M7 dual SIM - just over 1 month in and it's faultless. (I purchased mine from a UK ebayer just in case I got a dud to make returns easier.) Battery life is fantastic!
  3. This the letter I used - good luck trying to cancel! Allan McLuckie 3 Customer Services PO Box 333 Glasgow G2 9AG 1st September 2008 Dear Allan, Re: Account number xxxxxxxxxx, Mobile number: 07xxx xxxxxx I have received a letter from you dated 15th August 2008 informing me of changes in my billing which I consider to be quite significant. The change means that a quick call of less than a minute will now cost a whole minute of my inclusive time. I consider this to be a considerable change that will substantially increase my monthly bills. Therefore, I see this change is of detriment to me and I am writing to give you thirty days notice to cancel my contract as set out in my contract in part 10.1(d). Please can you confirm as soon as possible that the contract will be cancelled and a PAC number issued to allow me to transfer my number. I understand from the contract that no additional charges will be made for cancelling the contract. Thank you for the service you have provided. Kind regards,
  4. Well... phoned 3 and got nowhere - I would have to pay large cancellation fee for 10months of contract remaining. I wrote to their Glasgow address instead and told them I wanted no fee exit and got a call tonight. They told me that when I took the contract out in Dec 07 it stated that first minute billing was going to be introduced at some point. I told the lady that it was poor customer service to change the terms mid way through a contract when people were used to what they were getting. She offered me a change in plan as a concession so from 1st October my daughter will get 500mins/unlimited text plan for £25/month (changed from 100mins/1000texts £20/month) and this something I wanted months ago when it was first introduced (and my other daughter got - can you imagine the contract envy!) but they would not let me change to. My plan was to cancel the contract and get a new one on this deal - so I'm happy with the result.
  5. Teenagers don't understand the art of communication. I have 2 teenage daughters so count myself qualified in the subject. She gets through 100 minutes/month mainly with v short calls "Call me back this is costing me" etc. and uses all her 1000 texts/month. I probably don't use 1000 texts in a whole year! If all her short calls are rounded up to a minute then her minute allowance will be used up very quickly.
  6. I have a 3 contract for my daughter - she says she can make 6 calls in 60 seconds so this is going make a huge impact to her (my!) bill. I will try and negotiate moving to a better tariff rather than leaving 3 completely because she can't live without free MSN messenger 24 hours/day.....
  7. What is the 28 day rule? My screen has stopped working on my Dual and it is 28 days old today. I switched from normal profile to vibrate this morning and the screen went odd - it was as if the display had rolled around so the top 1/3 was at the bottom and the other 2/3 above it. Then it went completely blank. I can switch the phone on and it boots because it vibrates when I ring it but nothing displays on the screen.
  8. The 32837 is something to do with t-mob my faves, 100203005 is somthing like a t-mob system message - both will be stopped. For some reason I called t-mob customer service whilst hungover and can't remember too much. I think I'm a mobalcoholic.
  9. Thanks. I will call them and find out what they are.
  10. I've been looking at my T-mobile bill online and noticed lots entries for the following: Date/Time Number Called Description Duration Cost 11/04/2008 18:06:59 100203005 SMS Text Messaging 00:00:00 £0.00 11/04/2008 16:59:35 32837 Unbranded 00:00:00 £0.00 These don't appear to be using any of my flext credit but does anybody know what they are?
  11. I'm currently using a Nokia E61 with WLM and I got the message.... seeing as MS are still managing to get money from my expired credit card on Xbox live I am worried!
  12. I went to my local T-mobile shop in Bournemouth yesterday to complain about ~3weeks of 3G problems in this area. My Vario 2 locks up, misses calls unless forced into GSM only mode. Rep spent 30mins on the phone to somebody whilst trying unsuccessfully to connect via 3G to internet. At the end of it he said that both his phone is OK (SE M600 I think) and his managers Vario 2 is OK for 3G use and it is a problem with the transmitters. I have to go back with a list of times/locations where 3G doesn't work, then and only then will an engineer visit area to look at transmitters.... I tried to explain that T-mob had sold me a 3G capable phone that doesn't do 3G but it fell on deaf ears. I think it's time to turn up with the phone back in it's box and explain sale of goods act to them!
  13. I have forced my vario 2 into GSM only so I can at least get a reliable GPRS connection to check emails etc. However, I am completely missing calls. People tell me that they call me but it either doesn't get through or it rings and never goes to voicemail. I know I am in an area with good signal strength so this is rather annoying - I have no idea how many calls I am missing....
  14. I've worked it out.... ... press and hold D pad up or down and phone will start to scroll by letter with a large capital letter in centre of screen. Start using scroll wheel and let go of D pad and phone will continue to scroll by letter.
  15. I have done this too but can't replicate it. Anybody worked it out yet?
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