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  1. deBruineBeren

    Play Lemmings on your Pocket PC

    Very nice, I still go a Lemmings T-shirt (does not fit anymore :( )
  2. deBruineBeren

    MWC 2009: Put your questions to HTC!

    And the "OK" , "E-mail" , "Explorer", "Start Menu" Buttons I'm so happy with my TyTn II, I don’t want to think about replacing it. :(
  3. deBruineBeren

    Using a Smartphone? You NEED Vito CopyPaste!

    I have been using cptools for many years now.
  4. deBruineBeren

    Geocaching: Bringing Smartphone/PocketPC Users Outdoors!

    Large GPX file can get very slow on PPC and Smartphone, there for it is better to make your one or even better us html files. To create these most geocachers use GSAK (Geocaching Swiss Army Knife) This is a PC database program. This will give you the option to export to a lot of file formats. One of them is html, this will work must better (quicker) on PPC and Smartphone. All so not all geocaches are as simple as just walking to the given coordinate. There is a a great excel sheet made by a begium geocacher geotools4.xls this will work on a PPC as well. If you have internet access you can also use geo tools online (Dutch) And don’t forget Co-Input the program for PPC and SmartPhone I wrote my self. Co-Input works with TomTom Navigator and TomTom Mobile so you will be able to route to a coordinate and much more.
  5. deBruineBeren

    Automatic Keylock for WM2003 devices

    Phone is unlocked. I do not use the screensaver. Phone will autolock Yes the keypad is unlocked. No I will try with screensaver.
  6. deBruineBeren

    Automatic Keylock for WM2003 devices

    This is what a found. When the last keylock was made by the software, the software is not able to make the keylock, after the software unlocked the keys because of the connection of the charger. When the last keylock was made by the user, the software is able to make the keylock, after the software unlocked the keys because of the connection of the charger.
  7. deBruineBeren

    Automatic Keylock for WM2003 devices

    The refresh interval is set to 30 seconds. But nothing happens, not after 15 sec, 30 sec, or 45 sec.
  8. deBruineBeren

    Automatic Keylock for WM2003 devices

    I don't know if this is mentioned before, i'm not read all the 41 pages of this topic. But when the keyboard is unlocked because i put in the car charger (charging only, no profile change to handsfree or carkit), the keyboard does not automatically lock any more ones i take the charger out. I'm not running any programs just looking at the homescreen. The timeout in home screen is set to 15 seconds In the profile Charge i activate the first two option: (don't know the official name, i use Dutch version) Keyboardlock disabled and Automatic unlock. Thanks in advance, Alex. PS i'm using a Qtek 8080 with imate ROM
  9. deBruineBeren

    RCGOTD: Mini USB Keychain

    Why is it so difficult for people to make good products ? All they would had to do is ad a little switch that connects and disconnects pin 4 and 5 of the min USB connector. And everybody would be happy, sync and charge with ActiveSync or just charge without ActiveSync. #-o ](*,)
  10. It looks like I found the perfect one: Imports System.Threading And then use some where in the program System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(2000) This will pause the program for 2000 millisecond ;)
  11. Dear all, I want to pause my program for a few seconds, and then continue. I have found some pieces of code but somehow they do not seem to work. I get errors al over the place. Somehow one namespace imports seems to bite an other. I don’t know, I'm lost. :oops: I would like to place the code in a separate class so I can call it when I would like to pause the program. Does somebody have a simple piece of code that even I can use ? Thanks in advance. Alex.
  12. deBruineBeren

    Fill a string with zeros and value. (005)

    @ Tech, thanks for the hint. What I want to do is place a value in a textbox and fill the empty spaces in front of the value with zeros. This is the code i'm using now thanks to your hint: Dim LongGraden As String = MathClass.Graden(Longitude) txtLongGraden.Text = LongGraden.PadLeft(txtLongGraden.MaxLength, "0") The Matclass.Graden calculates the Longitude in degrees. The Maxlenght of textbox txtLongGraden = 2 So if the Longitude in degrees is for example 4 the textbox wil show 04. If the Longitude is 52 (here in the Netherlands) the textbox wil just show 52. Thanks again. Alex. ;)
  13. I would like to place the value of "FileLongGR" in to a textbox "txtLongGR". And fill the empty spaces in front of the value with zeros (00). In eMbedded Visual Basic I used this code: Dim FileLongGr Dim strLongGR As String strLongGR = String(3 - Len(FileLongGr), "0") & FileLongGr txtLongGr.Text = strLongGR Is there something like this for VB.NETCF ? Thanks in advance.
  14. I'm changing the Input modus for use in a textbox to numbers. But when entering number they appear underlined. Just like you are using T9. The maxlengt of the textbox is not working correct as well. Strange thing is that when I go to a textbox where the input modus is set to Spell and then return to the textbox where the input modes is set to number everything is working fine. No underlined numbers and the maxlenght of the textbox is working too. I see a lot of question about input modes on the internet, and everybody seems happy when using this code. Does nobody have this problem ? The code i'm using:
  15. Dear all, I would like to access the internet with my PocketPC by using my Qtek 8080 as a GPRS modem. I was/ I’m using a Nokia 6310i as a GPRS modem no problem. I can also use GPRS for e-mailing and browsing the internet on the Qtek it self. But how do I make the Qtek act as a GPRS modem. I set the Qtek as Bluetooth dialup modem on my PocketPC. But when I ask for internet access the PocketPC will show Dailing *99***1# But the Qtek does nothing. Anybody ??

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