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  1. Hello, Just wanted to comment that I could solve the problems and I am currently satisfied with the rom, attached a capture of the ram that I have managed to release.
  2. I managed to solve the recovery problem thanks. Is there only one app to make the rom faster or better? Any recommendations Adeii?
  3. Hello, maybe someone can help me .. Yesterday just download the mega folder that contains the ROM and other things, I have a huawei g510 with recovery twrp version and when I try to flash the ROM this comes to me error update binary, check the download Of the ROM and even returned to download it and also does not install the ROM I get failed. I would like to know if someone is very kind and could explain or help me solve this as I really would like to try ROM. Or if there is some other ROM that has the similar performance that you are recommending, what law you have is in comments in this post. Thank you

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