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  1. Hello, Adeii, what do you think, in the near future is it possible to compile the kernel 8.1 go? And..are you going to make it bootable? Excuse me for being tactless, unfortunately I do not know English enough to understand technical vocabulary. google does not help (
  2. NanoMod works fine: All persmissions were allowed, and signing in Google + was also good. But It seems that device become more unstable and battery percentage spent will be improwed. Thanks:)
  3. TWRP ( says: Error while installing (Updater) on package (F-droid,MicroG, Nanomode.t.c) code 1.But other programs are working so far.
  4. That's very strange, but Atom launcher works with no such large lags - just not smooth work. Nova Launcher continue to get u8833 to let off and have soft reboot. My zRAM memory is 120 mb (applied in Kernel Auditor). Wipe /cache partition from recovery brings no result - also reload and hot stuff with this ,unfortunately very stable in the past, launcher. About the using MicroG — I'll try your advice, thanks)
  5. Hi, everyone! I have experienced some difficult situations with u8833, so i decided to write some problems with it (probably already known bugs). On both firmware (RR v.5.7.1,v.5.7.4) noticed some strange bugs. When installing (using) Nova Launcher (No gaps), Trebuchet Flies out and does not start, + The "Settings" application crashes and does not work properly, 100% departure when switching to the "Applications" submenu. The phone constantly grasps reboot and gets hot(( Most likely the process does not want to stop and RAM is almost full (Task killer in the system is not foreseeable, Kernel auditor manages mediocrely). Bugs persist even when deleting both the Nova launcher and the system launcher. Therefore I would like to note the almost completely unworkable behavior of the phone when installed (-Mini, -micro gaps) - Not working system keyboard, almost completely falling off wifi, and not working RIL (not treated even by updating the firmware of the communication module). And also getting hot 'n' rebooted. I hope that this information turned out to be useful to someone, and I very much hope that at least someone (Adeii) will respond to this message :D
  6. And when will be support nougat for this board, about..time? (Normal working/ported kernel) Okay,..anyway i will hope to receive it on our pour devices Thanks for information
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