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  1. Hi, i just got my qtek 8310 with WM2005, and im looking for an alarm program.. On my c500 i used Ptravelalarm (http://www.burroak.on.ca/pta.html#ptsp) but there seem to be some trouble with WM5.. Can anyone recomend another alarm..? Regards..
  2. Is it possible to copy the language from a previous ROM, and use it on the new rom..? Just like copying the T9 language file, and adding a registry line.
  3. I recently updated my c500 from the UK ROM to the new French ROM - but now i cant get TomTom Mobile working, it worked like a charm before :cry: I noticed that some bluetooth-com settings has changed, in the new rom - and i think its here the problem lies.. Has anyone got it working..?
  4. Hi there, im having some troubles with Outlook; It keeps converting my phonenumbers from: 22334455 to 22 33 44 55 With spaces between the numbers, callerID doesnt work on my C500 - while reciving a call, it only shows the number of the person calling, not the contact's name.. :oops: Is there some way to either change the settings in Outlook, or in the C500..? Regards from Mojojojo
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