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  1. Thank you again for this speed reply, I have jumped in this topic from Google because Hibook Pro is in the title so I have started reading and when I have arrived at the end of first post yes, I have figured out that probably this release couldn't fit my tablet but I was hoping there was a previous release that do it, I mean, something in the previuos release and now you are confirming this I know my english is terrible and understand me is not easdy, to be clear, is this the ROM release that will fit my Hibook Pro? cm-13.0-20161108-UNOFFICIAL-KonstaKANG-chuwi_vi10plus.zip and I will need to use this file? cm-13.0-20161108-chuwi_vi10plus-HibookPro.zip Sorry to be like a 3 years old child, now I will check if I have to do something special regarding my just installed TWRP cause I don't want to delete it by mistake :)
  2. Dear K and all guys that are putting energies here Thank you very much for your time, I really appreciate it. Right now I'm running Remix OS on my Hibbook Pro. I'm using the release I have found here, so I have root privileges etc My problem is that touch screen does not work fine and I have to use a mouse. This is why I'm planning to move to another distro. Can you please just tell me or link me which is the most updated distro I can install on this device? I prefer something different from the standard Android version. don't mind if x86 like or Lineageos Just this Thank you very much in advance
  3. First of all I totally erased the drive of my Hibook Pro to test Ubuntu but there are too many problems to fix so I decided to flash Android and I did it using the Intel Platform Flash Tool Lite for OSX After my Chuwi went in recovery using double volume press I tried to flash the Remix OS and it goes well at the first time, my questions is, if you take a look at the attached pic you'll see the bootloader looks unlocked Do you think I can use the same procedure to directly flash the Lineage ROM provided by KonstaT? Thank you very much in advance

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