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    Y560-L01 briked

    Hi forart if you have a bootloader unlocked is possible to flash a new rom via adb or fastboot command there are many programms todo it on pc. I have the fone locked and haven't found any solution yet.
  2. angeloneve

    Y560-L01 briked

    Hi Huawei Y560-L01 briked after istalled flashfy , rooted with kingroot ok traied to install twrp via flashfy at reboot the device show the logo for 1 second then white screen no others command are suitable. In qfil i read qualcomm hs usb qloader 9008 , at comand fastboot devices show 5412e6da device , fastboot update update.app says device locked, fastboot oem reboot-edl says waiting for any device. How i can unbrick via pc this device thanks

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