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  1. Hi @adeii I am using this version and when it restarts for having installed an apk this delay almost 5 minutes in the beginning, the permissions granted to the different applications are restored by every time you enter a call it is blocked and the device becomes unusable. Recommendation for these observed problems?
  2. Black screen and reboot of the device: 1. to install a new apk 2 upload pictures from social networking 3 the internet to pc via anchorage area sharing time Any solution?
  3. Could someone solve the problem of the microphone (audio) and video for whatsapp in the Y300?
  4. Does someone have the rom downloaded and can you share it? the manufacturer's link does not respond
  5. When using SimpleExplore does not let copy or perform any action between folders, the message is "copy failure" I have installed version 3 of the ROM some way to solve or fix?
  6. Gmail closes when trying to read the message, any solution? I have the version DU_8833_4.4.4_20160920-1225.V8.2-UNOFFICIAL installed
  7. Hello, is there a way to patch or fix excessive battery consumption? Otherwise, all good.
  8. the programmed alarm clock does not work when the phone goes off, something that happened in previous versions. ¿any solution?
  9. Does anyone know how to view all open applications from the central button of the mobile, in the June version u8833 does not allow it?
  10. Why is the WIFI signal lost, disconnected and then manually? Is there a solution? I'm using the June version for 8833
  11. Any response to this problem with the storage of the videos?
  12. Thanks for the data but as I would do to load all the contacts of gmail in my y300-0151, the synchronization would not work any possible solution?
  13. I have already installed the last rom, any solution to see youtube with microG and gmail?
  14. There is a bug and maybe there is a solution with regard to the locked camera program, it does not save the videos, it only films, since the other camera program does not work and it closes. Any response to this problem with the storage of the videos?
  15. The same message keeps appearing despite enabling the indicated Youtube will not run without Google Play services, which are not compatible with your device

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