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  1. Oh my God!!! The patch work perfectly!! I've flashed it by TWRP without any wipes and after I've downloaded open camera from playstore and camera now work perfect!!!! Thank you very very much my friend. You are great!!
  2. unfortunately I don't have a nandroid backup in twrp and I don't remeber wich firmware it's installed on tablet when I receive it... I can say only I've received it last week and s/n is HQ64G4217070.... Can you help me? Thank you. P.S. on windows 10 the camera work perfect.
  3. Thank you, I used your tool all in one for installation and now I have made wipe data-cache-dalvik cache but camera don't work and don't have camera app on my tablet. Have you apk for camera? Thanks I don't know what I can do now. :((
  4. thank you my friend, I've flashed this .zip file but I can't find camera app on my chuwi, I've downloaded another camera app from play store but don't work, appear a message..."app camera it's in use etc etc" what can I do? Excuse me for my bad english, I'm from Italy.
  5. can I have link for this patch please? My camera don't work on my Chuwi hi 10 pro with remix os 2.0. I've receiveid it last week with android 5.1 stock and after I flash your remix os . Thank you.

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