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  1. Thank you for your patience. I try your ramdisk setting and it work now!) No icon on the bar, but it works. In the end i need device with working usb ethernet drivers for my device, working hardware video decoding, working audio - there is a minimum. In current kernel build dont work - audio, touchscreen, camera and sensor button. I think audio is similary intel sst like in other tablets with z8300, and touch - one of the goodix gt 9xxx. I feel myself that im already just playing with this problem and all this dont need me so much. Its like a challenge and source of new experience and knowledges.
  2. I found at least 2 kernel versions for hi12 (both works fine). How i know if CONFIG_IKCONFIG and CONFIG_IKCONFIG_PROC are enabled? There is should be some prop file?
  3. Thank you! I try to do this! And i like CM13 too, but when i launch it on hi12 - i have image only in hdmi out (like TWRP recovery for Hi12 too) i dont know why, but this occurs only on my tablet, other hi12 tablets works good with cm13.
  4. Thank you for reply. Yes. I build kernel with r8152.ko driver included by modifying vi10_defconfig. Put kernel in boot.img from hi12 patch. And now its work properly only in terminal. Applications and system dont see internet connection. Where i can enable CONFIG_USB_RTL8152? In vi10_defconfig too? And i try connecting another usb-ethernet adapter on asix AX88772 to your build, and its work only in terminal too. Applications and system dont see internet connection. And no options for ethernet in android config menu in system. I my dream its build kernel with all usb-ethernet and usb-wifi drivers included. PS. I'm a fool, just now understand - boot.img drom you patch for hi12 its a stock kernel from chuwi hi12 android? Its right?
  5. Hi again! I connect usb-ethernet adapter, set dhcp-ip, dns, but apps still says that no network connection. Ping and nslookup works good. And one thing - can you give hi12 kernel defconfig from hi12 patch?
  6. What additional modules need to be activated for hi12? Can i use menuconfig? And how to put bzImage to boot.img? So many questions. Making build env now.
  7. And thank for link, i think i buy one of adapters from defconfig, if i can not build kernel. Sorry for wasting your time, but i need some small guide to build kernel from your source, to understand what i do wrong. Thank you anyway.
  8. Thank for yor reply. I thought so, I just hoped that I did not fully understand the principle of compilation. I tried to compile the kernel that is attached in the topic header, but there are always errors when compiling. I tried many different instructions, but I could not eliminate these errors. I attach a screenshot of what dmesg shows when I plug the adapter into CM12.1. Its look like some setting missed? Or like i said module missed?
  9. Hi! Thank you for your work! Its Awesome! Can i ask you one thing? My usb-ethernet dongle dont work in CM12.1 on my HI12. Its look like r8152 kernel module missed in this ROM. And insmod dont work, because r8152.ko wich i found in internet is not signed(. Can you please compile signed module for this build?

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