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  1. I've had my Orange contract for about 4 years, spending over £50 a month for the entire contract. I renewed last year and got a HTC Touch for free, and renewed my contract for a year. It's been about 15 months since then, so I thought that I'd be OK getting a HD Touch for free too. So I went to the Orange shop on Oxford Street/Dean Street (closest to my work) and asked for an upgrade. Apparently it's going to cost me £80. I asked how much it would be if I started a new contract and he said £40. I don't understand how I can be charged double that of a new customer!? Should I switch to another provider and wait for the Orange exclusive deal to end?
  2. I can't find an option to set where my received files will be saved, and whenever someone sends me a picture I run out of space before it completes. Is there a way to save the files to the storage card instead? And any hints on how to free up any space? I have nothing saved on the phone, everything is on the storage card - but still I've only got 800KB free.
  3. If it is USB, make sure you're not using a USB hub. They seem to interfere with it.
  4. My C600 is about two months old. It's been working fine up until a few weeks ago. I went to use my phone and the 4 and 7 buttons weren't pressing in. It was like they were stuck. So I wiggled them and pushed them about and then they clicked into place. I don't know if that is related, but also since a few weeks ago, my 5 key hasn't been working properly. If I press 555555555 then on the screen I'll see 555 or something. It's like it only registers some of the presses. All the other keys are fine. Shall I send it back to Orange?
  5. You can get your SMS messages using software from http://www.jeyo.com/extender.asp :)
  6. I do prefer it over my C500, although I somehow keep getting + signs in my text messages because my fingers are too fat. I tried my C500 again recently, and although it feels heavier and better quality, the screen looks tiny.
  7. I sometimes use my C500 headset, and sometimes I even use my E100 headset. And I've also borrowed my brother's XDA headet. So try searching for another HTC device headset
  8. is there any software that I could use to copy the messages to my computer? Then I could just clear the folder and copy them back... Edit: Well that didn't work. I cleared the folder and it still insists there's a new message, even though the folder is empty.
  9. It's the default Microsoft one. I don't think that's relevant anyway because when I go to 'Messaging' it says: 1 SMS (1) 2 Outlook Email 3 MMS
  10. For some reason, my C600 kept failing to syncronise (I can't remember the error exactly, but it kept saying that all changes before the next sync will be lost), so I unplugged it from my PC, turned it off and then deleted the partnership. When I turned it back on, it was syncronising OK, but for some reason it thinks that I have one new SMS message. I've gone through all of my messages and they are all marked as read. Is there something I can do to get rid of it?
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