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    Outlook Categories Active Sync

    Thank you. I chose the server option this time, and chose to delete all entries on my phone. Then I changed the options again so that the items I was syncing appeared back under the desktop mobile device items and chose settings, set the same options as before and this time it worked.
  2. I changed the computer I sync to, and now I get all the categories imported into my phone. I followed the instructions to the T, just like I did on the old pc I used to sync to (where it worked), but in this case it does not remove the other entries - even though I have the settings to only sync the "MobilePhone" category. When I try deleting a non-MobilePhone category entry from my phone and sync again, it simply deletes that person from my Outlook Contacts completely. I have a MPx220 and am using Outlook 2000. It was the same configuration on the last computer. This is the help file, which I already followed: To save storage space on your device, you may want to synchronize contacts only in certain categories, such as business or personal. Note Before you can synchronize contacts based on categories, you must assign contacts to categories on your mobile device or desktop computer. If you create a custom category on your device, you must also create the category on your desktop computer. 1 Click Details . 2 Double-click Contacts and then select Synchronize only those contacts in the following selected categories. 3 To stop synchronizing items in a certain category, clear the check box next to that category. Any ideas?
  3. Has anyone else had a problem placing or receiving a call and the microphone isn't working. During a call, on the screen there is an icon with a picture of a mic with a red "x" through it. I've looked everywhere for a function that relates to this, but the closest I can come is the Mute/Unmute function which does not change this. The really annoying thing is that the red "x" mic only shows up once you are in a call, so until then you have no idea that the mic is off. Then you play the "can you hear me" game until you're ready to throw the thing across the room. The last time it did it I powered on and off twice and pressed several buttons in-between, so I have no idea how I finally got it to work again. Any clue?
  4. I'm in my first 30 days with Cingular and have a V551. It seems like a good phone. But I'm not sure if it's going to do everything I want as easily as I want it done. I don't want to spend a lot of time trying to figure things out. I'm looking at the MPx220, but not sure that I need so much. Here's my basic list: I want to be able to: Bluetooth sync with Outlook using "Categories" to define which contacts go into my phone. Pull pictures off my phone onto my computer. Maybe play a few MP3's Download ringtones and maybe a game or two. I want a phone that is going to last about 3 years or more. I don't want any issues with phone volume, people have a hard enough time hearing me and sometimes me hearing them. I know there have been posts about this with the MPx220, but I don't know if that's just because people have altered the firmware. Here's what additional equipment I have: Motorola PhoneTools 2.0 (I haven't tried using it yet) USB Bluetooth dongle Jabra FreeSpeak 250 headset I should also mention that I have a Zire 72 PDA and use that for my primary PDA needs. Thanks for any advice you can give.

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