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    ZTE Acqua stock ROMs

    Hi and Many thanks, i downloaded the firmware but my problem is that i lose my nanodroid backup, now i have the cm11 for ZTE Blade III installed, and i have some problems because it's not totally compatible with my phone model. now I have CW recovery but Without the official recovery i can't flash back the original firmware from sd card. I have not found any way to flash the original update.zip firmware yet, do you have any suggestion? thanks again for your help and sorry for my english.
  2. pippolollo

    ZTE Acqua stock ROMs

    hi guys, if still possible, someone could reupload again the Italian recovery for ZTE Acqua (my model is Momodesign MD Droid H3G Italy). the file is H3G_P740AV1.0.0B04-recovery.img. or do you know how to extract recovery.img from the stock rom "update.zip"? many thanks

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