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  1. There's not a lot of point to it. Media Player 10 is the main thing (which is a hell of a lot better and worth an upgrade IMO) There are a couple of other minor differences and the newer Roms seem to accept two button presses at once - this is useful in some games where you need to run and jump etc. Personally I would stick with the Orange Upgrades. The UK one should be out any day or if your keen have a good search around and you will find it on the internet already (leaked)
  2. Well I can confirm TT5 with GB maps works perfectly on the new ROM ( and so many extra features - it really does seem worth upgrading. I'm now happy!
  3. Looks like I might be going back ;) Got some long journeys coming up soon and I will need TomTom!!
  4. I started off with a PDA using tomtom, diary (sync'd with outlook), MP3 player. I then got the c500 and the pda now sits in a drawer! The c500 does everything I need and is small enough to easily fit in my pocket. The smartphone doesn't seem to crash as much as the PDA either (might just be me though) - not one hard reset on the c500 in 4 months of ownership (well no hard resets on 2 c500's actually) whereas the pda kept crashing
  5. The ROM is version but we cannot post a link as it has not yet been officially released. If you search the right places you will find it. Anyway I've done a bit more testing (and still failed to get it to work!) I've tried with my original TT GPS unit and a Fortuna Clip On and neither work. If I leave the Clip On with it's real name then it stays (but doesn't work) if I rename it to TomTom Wireless GPS then Tomtom deletes the bluetooth connection on startup and I have to go and add it again ;) TTM5 just works straight away with pretty much any settings
  6. Ok a few questions as I'm pulling my hair out trying to get my legal copy of Tomtom to work (don't really want to go down the pirated TT5 route) Where did you install the patch to? phone or SD card (I tried both) Which ports have you got open? I've tried all sorts but to no avail! TT5 works straight off and I just had one port set then (com 6 out) but tt4 just won't run ;)
  7. Tomtom 5 works but tomtom 4 refuses to find the gps device ;)
  8. I've still had no luck with TomTom 4, but interestingly TomTom 5 works straight away :??:
  9. From what I can tell each code only works once ;) The activation code isn't a problem - it's actually finding a valid product code which is the difficulty! It also makes the activation code partly from your device code which means it's unique for each phone :D
  10. I upgraded the ROM to which works perfectly - WMP10 is so much better - I can actually use the device as a decent MP3 player now instead of never being able to find any songs! But I can't get TomTom to work! The bluetooth settings are now different - I have opened an outgoing connection on com 7 as per the instructions in the qtec post (page 4) but it still isn't working my GPS unit flashes the bluetooth light when I start Tomtom so it looks like there is some activity but it just says "No GPS Device" any ideas? I have tried all sorts including many resets!
  11. Yes I saw that but I have an older version which doesn't have that feature ;) I also can't get Tomtom to work since upgrading. Anyone know exactly what do to with the ports?? Tomtom runs and the bluetooth lights flash on my phone and the gps unit but it can't find the gps unit :D
  12. I just tried copying the backup to the sd card to take the pc out of the set up. It still just disappeared but it did look to get further first (about 1 second!)
  13. I backed up my phone before upgrading the ROM to but can't get it to restore now ;) Sprite just quits (no errors) when the status changes from "Stopping programs" to the next status - closes too quick to read Anyone else have this problem??
  14. Well I think I'll brave it! The only thing putting me off is the inability to change to a different ROM afterwards but I'm sure someone will sort that out. If all goes wrong and I'm stuck with it and Tomtom won't work then I'll swap it with my wifes as she doesn't use tomtom
  15. I've not heard of anyone else with such complaints - anyone else suffered from the same problems?? I don't use MMS so that doesn't bother me, but I do want WMP10 Did you try tomtom 4 on it? I haven't had tomtom that long and don't fancy paying yet to have the new version!
  16. Can anyone confirm if Tomtom works or not with this ROM. Having spent over £100 getting Tomtom, I don't want to lose the ability to use it by putting this ROM on!!
  17. good to hear it works! what country are you in? what maps are you using?
  18. For number 1 I think that would be really annoying! For number 2 - I have no idea but am replying to makes sure it gets seen as it really bugs me too and would be great if there is a tweak to remember the settings - I would have thought a quick regedit would do it??
  19. I know Maplin do one of the cheap ones - I got one!! BUt I'm sure it isn't quite right - If you have a look through Basso's posts on the tzzzt noise you will find some technical info on the problem with using a cheap connector. It's something to do with the positioning of the third line (the one for the handsfree button) It shorts out one of the other bits or something :roll: Don't get me wrong it does the job ;)
  20. Brilliant - Thanks 2 orange c500's unlocked instantly ;)
  21. I was wondering where the updated ROM would be so I asked Orange via Email - 3 days later and.... A bit worrying that the Staff haven't heard of the update yet ;)
  22. yes I was annoyed the other day after keeping mint for months, I put it in the same pocket as my keys and when I took it out it had a light scratch across the screen :oops: Anyone tried any scratch remover? I used some on a watch once and it was perfect - it was like a cutting paste for paint - Just not sure if it would work as well on plastic??
  23. I can see the ROM exists and it comes with an update util but has anyone tried it yet? Will it knacker the phone? I've also heard it has lots of problems :roll:
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