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  1. I've looked at the TyphoonNbfTool and things like that, and that lets me decrypt an nbf file and it gives me a .n_d file instead. Can I then get the files out of a .n_d file?? I want to be able to make my own rom file with slightly different files - ie some removed some added etc - is this possible? If not is it possible just to extract some of the files?? Cheers ;)
  2. Great.... We're all waiting for the orange update, and there is a new update before we even get the last one :cry:
  3. Maplin don't do one ;) I tried the other week, they only sell a standard one (which I think has two black lines on the metal bit) The c500 needs one with 3 black lines on it. If you settle for the one with two lines on then it will work but won't be quite - I think you get the right audio correctly but you get both right and left in the left or the other way round. Expansys offer one for around £8 or £9 seemed to expensive for me so I settled for the cheap one from Maplin - but you can sort of notice that something isn't quite right :roll:
  4. At the beginning of the year when they were posted it was rumoured that there would be no update. Since then Orange have announced they will release the update which was expected any time from about a week ago to next week. Keep checking back here - it will be posted on the front page
  5. Ok, I've searched the forum and found various different things about backing up and that generally Active Sync refuses to do it? Is there anyway to get ActiveSync to do a backup? I have read about Sprite, but didn't fancy using a trial piece of software which may have expired when I come to restore!
  6. I saw one somewhere for the c500 - you simply had to go into flight mode then back to normal to switch between sims. Might have been ebay not sure??
  7. The peugeot/clarion ones definatley sent the signal as you could just about pick it up in the other car sitting next to it. I have purchased a wired one for my c500 for the simple reason that it was cheapest. I know what you mean about good old ebay ones - I expect they would be illegal but I'm sure some must be legal - even if it means clarion have bought a licence??
  8. Are you really suggesting that Clarion/Peugeot would sell something that could be identified as being illegal??? I really doubt it!! The range of these things is so short you'd be lucky to pick it up in the next car. I can assure you that they are legal to buy in this country and if you go to any decent ICE shop you will find them. They are quite often used to get sound into the stereo system from DVD Players and that sort of thing.
  9. I wouldn't have thought so - they used to come as standard in peugeots. The cd changer in the boot had an FM modulator, and you tuned the stereo to the correct freq. There was then a little remote on a thin wire to change tracks etc
  10. I get the same on mine. Strange sense of humor at HTC!!
  11. better resolution, more buttons and I doubt Mr O would let you swap without a fairly hefty fine :D
  12. I daren't try it to be honest incase anything goes wrong. Am I allowed to attach it here? Also other than the containing zip file saying it was c500unlocker there is no referrence to the c500 so I suspect you may be right! If you want me to attach it just incase then please ask and I will attach it. Cheers
  13. I've just been sent a Free Unlocking program for the c500. My question is, is it real? I hadn't heard that one had been released but it looks real. There were two files: Instructions.txt SPVUnlock.exe - with a silver padlock icon The contents of the Instructions file are as follows: Here's the FREE solution for unlocking Orange SPV! Here you go![list=1] [*]Close active sync. [*]Kill the WCESCOMM.EXE process with the task manager. [*]double Click on the lock icon on SPVUnlock.exe [*]Note the code given at screen by the program. [*]Type in the command "quit" and enter. [*]Put a sim card into the phone (from another provider than Orange) then just type the code given by the program. [*]Enjoy! [/list=1] I decided to just run the program without the phone plugged in and it said: Cannot access the phone (verify that WCESCOMM is terminated and the phone is in bootloader mode) - aborting The above message was in a DOS type window. Any ideas if it is real or is it a fake that will wipe my phone or something like that!!
  14. I got two of them nearly 3 months a go, they have their niggly little faults and being windows based they do crash once a week or so, but I have had no dust problems. I would say go for it as it is the best phone I have ever seen/used - just expect to have a couple of bugs! I have the same with my freeview box at home, I went for the most gadgety one available - the Netgem, and that probably crashes atleast once a week (linux based) but it does have the most features! :roll:
  15. Has anyone tried stripping the program out of the french version and just running it on the english version?
  16. Mine has the same "feature". I posted about it the other day but had no replies :D
  17. My phone has just started ringing too loud! I have it set on the loudest setting all the time so that I can hear it. About 50% of the time it will ring as expected loud but sounding right, but the rest of the time it goes louder when it rings and just breaks up and sounds awful. Any ideas why it does that? It's playing a wma file if that makes any difference and up till know I thought it may be because I had changed a volume somewhere - but... this morning it rang fine 1st time, then without touching anything rang too loud the 2nd time. :roll:
  18. tudor you're a star! :D I tried everything to find that out - and failed :oops: Just one of those bits that has to be different :D
  19. How can I find out when a text message came through? I have gone into the menus and can set it to display time/date. This is OK as I can see the time that a text message came through if it was today or the date if it was before today. My problem is that for work I need to know what time a text message came through last friday! Any ideas. My previous phone just told you after your read the text message!
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