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  1. I think I was just reading one of your other posts (tudor) about Fizz Traveller 2. I wanted an alarm app which would only do days of the week, and found another thread. So I may take a look for that one! I'm just worried about it using GPRS to download Weather and stuff I don't really want. Will it as standard?? I did read something about being able to use a pass-through connection - but I wasn't sure what that was! I'm guessing it lets you use your pc internet connection on your mobile?? If so that would be cool - does the phone let you do that as standard??
  2. Just incase you are still after the alarm clock: 1. Press Start 2. Go to Settings 3. Go to More 4. Go to Date and Time 5. and then set it in there If you haven't messed with the menus you can press: start, 4, 9, 3 then set the alarm
  3. Thanks for the replies. Can I have an explanation of what some of those programs do please? :lol: I know what clearVue does as it came with a demo, I already have betaplayer which I downloaded. I can guess what Virtual Pool does! and tudor explained what Fizz traveller does. Are the other programs freeware or commercial?? I think I downloaded Xbar but I wasn't sure what it does. Also what does SMS Notify do?? I already get a beep when I get an SMS!!! Also did the price of the phones and the Mini-SD cards sound OK?? Cheers :(
  4. I just got 2 spv c500's on contract from Orange (one for me and one for the wife) I've just got to say how amazed I was with it! I basically went with it becasue it had the most features for the price. It ended up FREE phone, £25/month but the place I got it from give you 9 months refund on the line rental. So it works out at £75 line rental for the year with 240 cross network anytime mins for the 1st 6months and 120 cross network anytime mins for the last 6 months. So that's £6.25/month with all the calls included - bargain!!! I also just purchased 2 512MB mini SD cards to use in them £68 for both inc p&p is that good??? £34 each. Is there any recommended apps for these phones?? I am going to buy TomTom Mobile for my phone and I've got beta player running to watch converted dvd's. And before anyone asks yes I can hear the tsst noise when playing mp3's/wma's through the headphones but only when I turn the volume up. Haven't tried on my wifes yet!
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