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  1. I found an app for free in the market place which lets me do it on a cheap mono headset Thanks though
  2. I tend to listen to music on my phone with one ear at work, it would be very handy if I could listen wirelessly. Is there any way to do this with a bluetooth headset? I've got a cheapy Jabra headset which I used on my old phone and it woked well for calls but it refused to play any audio. Is there any way to make it work with the Desire HD? If not is there any headsets which will play audio over them?
  3. I've just ordered a Desire HD which should be coming tomorrow. With my previous phone (G1) it came with a pouch which I dismissed as being a waste of time, I bought a hard shell cover but it made it too bulky, I tried a soft rubbery cover but didn't like that either - I ended up going back to the pouch and it worked really well. 2 years later and the phone is still in really good condition. Does the Desire HD come with a case? If so what type is it? If not what does everyone recommend? Also does it come with a screen protector like the G1 did or do you need to buy them - again are they worth buying? Any other must have accessories? Thanks
  4. OK found that my calendar and contacts back up to the google mail account I setup when I got the phone (never used since!) What about the apps? OK found out that the apps will just reinstall and found out how to backup the data from the game. Not that bothered about SMS so will just wipe the phone and keep the SD Card out. They've also offered me an upgrade to the Desire HD for no cost if I take out another 2 years. Just not sure if I'll cope without a keyboard!
  5. Sorry if this is basic but wanted to make sure I got it right! My T-Mobile G1 has stopped working properly - the touchscreen no longer works. I was going to just get a new phone but then I found it out it has a 2 year warranty which has about 1 month left. They normally work on an exchange basis - but they have none left so they need to take mine away and repair it, so I'll be without for 2 weeks. I've deleted all the rubbish off the phone, but I'm left with two apps that I've paid for, one could just be freshly reinstalled (copilot) but the other is a game and I would prefer the saved game data. Is there a way to back these up? and how do you go about reinstalling them later without having to pay for them again? Otherwise it's just sms messages which would be nice to keep but not essential, and how do you synch the contacts somewhere so they're not lost?
  6. Thanks I did see that one on the web but T-mobile don't offer it yet and I expect it to be out of budget. I did laugh to myself slightly as the woman at t-mobile told me that all slide out keyboard phones were being stopped and that they were old-fashioned now! One other thing, I've bought a couple of Apps from the marketplace, are they transferable? In fact if I wipe my G1 before sending it for repair will I still be able to reinstall the software? Only one I'm really concerned about is copilot
  7. I've currently got a G1 phone which I had on an 18 month contract approx 17 months ago. I'm on T-mobile on a Business Contract paying approx £25+vat (approx £30) /month. I get far too many minutes and texts and unlimited data. I think it is 900mins unlimited texts I'd like to pay less - that is my main goal! I've been very happy with the G1 but it's started to play up with the touch screen not responding some of the time. Can get by most of the time with the keyboard but the swipe to unlock thing gets tricky!! I've phoned T-mobile and they can't do their usual swap for a refurb phone as they don't have left, but they will send it off for me for repair, which will take 1-2 weeks. However they suggested I upgrade my phone first and they will still let me send off the G1 after I get the upgrade and get that repaired as a backup phone. I currently use between 200 and 300 mins a month and less than 100 texts a month, and a varying amount of data (no idea how much) They've offered me the HTC Desire or Samsung Galaxy S for the same price I pay now, or the htc wildfire or motorola defy for £20 inc VAT. (these are all on 24 month contracts) The G1 does everything I need, so I'm half tempted to stick with it, are the new android phones much better? They all lack the keyboard I really love! Will a repaired G1 last as long as having a new phone? I'm not sure if I should try and ask them to reduce my contract to a cheap contract and keep this phone or if I should try and get one of these cheap £10 /month tesco deals or similar? What would you do?!
  8. Thank you for posting that info, I just popped on here as I too had the white screen problem - two seconds later and it was all fixed. I loosened them both by quarter of a turn. Hopefully it'll keep my 2 year old phone going a little longer. It also seems to have fixed another problem I had been having for a few months, and that was a high pitch noise coming from the screen. So thank you very much ;)
  9. Thanks for all the tips - just phoned T-Mobile and they're sending a new body out to me next day delivery (which is actually tuesday with the bank holidays) Fantastic Service on Month 15 of an 18 month contract. Having had really poor service from o2 recently it's a really refreshing change to get such good service from t-mobile
  10. That's interesting - will they mind it having WM6 on it - it's not the official T-mob WM6 it was one of the xda devlopers ones - Ultimate or something like that
  11. I think so, I'll try and get hold of a T6 Torx Driver to take it apart and see if I can get anywhere, could just do with it back on to receive calls! Oh well!
  12. No nothing looks bent, the phone looks in mint condition bar a couple of little paint bits that have worn away on the sides.
  13. I just got a little bit further by blowing inbetween the screen and the keyboard with the keyboard slid out. I can now touch the top cm of the screen and get a reaction - so I have got past the tap the screen to continue but I can't get past the align screen as it needs the first tap to be near the middle, it does however keep lighting up the screen when I tap the top cm after it's switched the screen off - so it's a bit better!
  14. Forgot to mention it already had WM6 on it - which I put on a few months ago. Any ideas for getting past the tap the screen bit? I Can't see how any ROM or hard reset will get past that!
  15. My Vario II seems to be dieing straight after it is 12 months old so out of warranty and it's on an 18 month contract so I could do with sorting it! It started a couple of weeks back, I picked up my phone and noticed the time was wrong, when resetting the time I also noticed the date was wrong - the time/date had gone back to factory settings. I didn't think anything of it, and continued to use the phone, a day or so later people were complaining that they couldn't get hold of me on my mobile, I tried phoning out which worked fine, I also tried ringing my phone which worked fine - so put it down to bad signal. I then noticed over the next few days that at random times my phone would not dial out, even though it had good signal, it started to try then just beeped a few times and ended the call, I also got more people say they couldn't ring. A couple of days later the touch screen stopped working - I could see everything on the screen but touching it did nothing, so I carried on using just the buttons, since this happened I've had no more call issues, it would always ring out and everyone could ring me. So I've used it like that for a week or so, but then a new problem appeared the phone won't charge whilst switched on, it just goes straight to 100% charged on just seems to run on the mains, but as soon as I unplugged it, it would die, I found out by switching it off it would charge properly, so I could still use it by switching it off at night to charge it. I've used it like that for a few days. Getting fed up of it I decided to do a hard reset to see if that would fix it, stupidly though once reset the phone says tap the screen to continue, and the touch screen still doesn't work! It does seem to be charging though!! So first of all is there any way round the tap the screen to continue bit, and I guess the align the screen program will start afterwards!? And secondly what can I do to fix it?
  16. It doesn't sound too good. Water normally takes a while to affect the boards. On older phones I have had, it has taken up to 3 months or so for the water damage to take effect, but when you dismantle the phone it will be very obvious that it has had water damage. It could of course be a coincidence and it could just be a dirty circuit board. If that is the case they take the keypad off and clean the board behind with something very similar to a rubber and put it back together
  17. Just to put a positive note in - I upgraded mine and the number didn't change - I have done many soft resets and the number is still in fine!
  18. Yes it will fix TomTom4, or you could upgrade to TomTom 5
  19. I don't know - he was only getting annoyed because you were showing that you are obviously using an illegal copy downloaded from the web. If you went out and bought the software in the first place you wouldn't have this problem. If for whatever reason you *HAD* to use an illegal version, then when you came across that problem you could have searched on here and found many posts on the same subject and you could have found the answer there. It appears as well as using illegal software you are also very lazy and can't be bothered to read. Just my opinion :)
  20. Can you get it to work with your TomTom GPS Unit?? I couldn't get mine to work with the genuine one - so I purchased TT5 - much better software anyway!
  21. Bout time the released it, I checked that exact page yesterday morning and it wasn't there then!! This link should take you closer but still not be a direct link :)
  22. From what I can tell - No not really It has cured A problem I had with multipress as did others. It lets you press the soft keys at the same time as the directional pad, so you can run and jump in mario etc. Some people claim that this used to work on the previous ROM, but my testing shows it to not work on the previous ROM. The new leaked rom does NOT let you press a number and the directional pad at the same time
  23. How do you use it as a torch? Other than just the screen lighting up? Mine is used as car mp3 player, satnav, calendar/diary, telephone, mobile internet, dvd player, gameboy, and has a few other games such as Virtual Pool to keep me busy!
  24. by receivers he means gps receivers. If you go out and buy TomTom 5 it will work with the new ROM. It's only a worry for those who have an old copy of TomTom or an illegal copy.
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