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  1. @nutsda no thanks to the echo problem. we are waiting for new rooted updates. Thanks again
  2. @nutsda I hope... What is your latest SElinux enforcing update?
  3. atIs LineageOS 15.1 likely to be built into this phone?
  4. I have laid Lineageos in this way, so I guess it might be coming out? Method 1: Updater Script Hack to fix Error 7 Note: Use this method only when you’re 100% sure that the ROM you’ve downloaded is for your device. What this does is to bypass assert checks in recovery so that you can install the ROM without any checks. Open the Lineage OS ROM zip using any archiving software like 7zip, WinRAR, etc… You can also open it on your device. Now, you need to navigate to this path: META-INF » com » google » android » updater-script. Open the file updater-script in a text editor. You’ll see a bunch of lines with the command assert and the model name of the device next to it. If there’s a mismatch with the codename of the device in the script, you’ll get Error 7 while flashing. So, just either edit the code to match your device’s codename or delete all the lines having the code “assert & getprop” Save the file. Try to install the ROM now.
  5. rom magisk can not pass two times srock roma spin I made a clean boot but I can not get past cts.
  6. @ RufusK21How to install magic in safety net i need to install stock rom, I need to reset the download counter?
  7. have you found a solution to the echo problem?
  8. the phone is overheating Does anyone else have this problem? @nutsda
  9. I want to set up a magisk What should I do to help?
  10. @ nutsda do we have a way to extract this system android oreo (8.0)? I am alive. I wish you success. :) :) ;)
  11. I can not wait to try the new version of nudsta I am really grateful for the improvements. I will give feedback for new releases as soon as possible. we are looking forward to new updates .. :)) My english is not so good :(
  12. I do not have a problem with echoing just whatsApp when I get the loudspeakers during the talk @nutsda charge problem I can not use in balance I have to use it in constant saving mode. @nutsda will be refreshing from the recent beta of the latest update in revenue.
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