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  1. Thanks Bluemoonriding. Didn't work unfortunately. Also it refused to connect using wps. Factory reset?
  2. Thanks I'll try this later and report back here. Even my son's 30 quid fire tablet is getting 30 down. Su6 is getting 2 down but on 4g 60mbs down since changing to three. Also, would using WPS to connect rather than password have any effect?
  3. Also upload speeds are consistently higher than down load speeds on the su6 and about 4 times as fast on adsl , so something's changed. Did a speed test on 4g download speed about 8, much faster than my fibre speeds.
  4. Thanks hecatae. Doesn't seem to be an option It's a plusnet hub one and currently connected on 802.11 b/g/n (up to 144 Mb/s) the other two options I've tried but no option to choose just n. While I was there I changed the name of the 5 GHz channel in case that was confusing the phone but made no difference. First world problems I know but it's bugging me.
  5. It's back to 3. Something down and sometimes dropping off all together. Us the tx rate the bottom line in blue on the analyser you recommended? If so its connected at 72 Mbps. The other devices in the house are can all connect at stable fibre speeds, even my wife's 40 quid lenovo is showing 37 down on speed test. Just the su6 that's not playing nice. I wiped the cache partition and rebooted but same speeds. Don't know why.
  6. Hi Hecatae. Thanks for your response. I reset the phone about 12 times and now it is connecting at around 37 down which I'm more than happy with. Thanks again for your advice.
  7. Just upgraded to fibre. Router is showing 39.99 download and 9.99 upload. Laptop on WiFi about 38 up and 8 down. Smart ultra 6 about 4 down and wierdly slightly faster upload speeds 4.4 ish. Anyone know what's going on?
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