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  1. Been using it since latest release (24/11), more stable than stock rom so far and much faster as well. Everything seems to be working, I've experience the "battery issue" which really isn't an issue with the rom but more of an issue with configurations: Open status bar, pull down the icons. Press the pencil symbol(stylus) Check to see if you have NFC, GPS or any other feature active there that you don't really use. Or just simply disable them on settings if you can find them there. Another advice will be switching to Balanced on performance (battery options) and switch automatic optimisation to off, most times it just consumed more and offered same performance as Balanced. And finally if you want to save till the last drop, turn off auto brightness. Battery used to last me less than 4 hours between full charge, lasts me over a day with average use, using apps and games that would push a bit more from the phone, streaming and rendering. Was thinking of switching phones, after this, I will keep it for a while more. Thanks for your hard work! I will post if I find any bugs or features that may need to be tuned. PS: In regards of post above, LTE is working fine for me (Vodafone UK).

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