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  1. I understand, I need P736V Stock Firmware. Does anyone have this?
  2. Yes, in 2019 I was still using my ZTE Orange San Francisco II phone. I've used fish and chips for years. Bluetooth was not working properly. So I decided to load the original rom. I have installed with Zte Firmware, european gen 1. I also put the IMEI file back. I could not find a clockwork recovery zip file. The first time I flashed the ROM file with the clockwork, the phone was completely brick. it was staying on the green android logo. I brought the clockwork menu again with a tpt file in my hand. But this tpt file is the wrong file. Because the andorid logo has changed and the Fish and Chips rom running smoothly before, is no longer loaded. If you still have someone, I want you to send me the stock rom, stock tpt and clockwork.zip file for orange san francisco.
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