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    Urgently! Lost Android Contacts!

    Lost Contacts? Don't worry! FoneDog Toolkit - Android Data Recovery can help you get back your lost contacts. Losing an important contact is a hectic thing. In some cases we tend to lose some if not all of our contacts, not because of our fault but by accident. Well, this isn't the worst case scenario. Imagine losing all your vital contacts and having no way to retrieve them, that's when the real trouble kicks in and this is a major and catastrophic incident. However, in recent times ways have been formulated to counter such occurrences. There are various, simple, easy, and quick ways to do this, all that is required is your Android device and a working network connection and you are good to go. When a contact is deleted from your Android phone, the contact is not totally gone from your phone memory. It jusy disppears from the People/Contacts app but continues to exist in your phone memory as unreadable data until it is overwritten by new data. If you can find out the data and recover it to readable text before it is overwritten, the contact is recovered. However, there is no way that you can do it manually. You need a data recovery tool to restore the deleted contact for you. You can use FoneDog – Android Data Recovery. These are the steps to use the software. Step1.Launch the application and connect your Android. Step2.Select file type to scan and Click the 'Next' button for the next step. Step3.Preview recoverable files and choose the ones you want to recover. More info: How to recover deleted contacts from Android

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