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  1. The "outbound calling team" got back to me this morning at around 9:45am. Mine should arrive tommorow (or more like next tuesday). I have been phoning O from last friday bugging them to give me priority. The lady I spoke to yesterday confirmed that she had some in stock and tried to put my order through, but her boss told her that she couldn't and that I'd have to wait till "Outbound" phoned me. After hearing about the Orange World Unlimited from Modaco posts I asked for it to be put on... and she did. I'm not sure wether she put on the OWUnlimited for
  2. I finally phoned up O last week and haggled with the Retentions team. They are giving the phone for me for free. BUT... as everyone else pointed out the phone is still out of stock. I'm on the waiting list. AKA Long Time. Note: I am a Band 3 User, Currently on the Your Plan 120
  3. #11... didn't even realise {i have something to gloat about now :P ) I spoke to my friend after posting coz I thought that it was too good to be true. Apparently he said the following things that you can try (But from what you have been saying you sound like a business customer. I don't know how their retentions work): Phone Retentions and say the following: - I have reached 9 months of my 12 month contract (be genuine as they can see your details in front of them), therefore I can have a non-upgrade-fee upgrade (i.e. don't have to pay a charge on top of the handset price). - I am interested in the SPV M3100 PDA Phone. - I have recieved calls from other companies like T-Mobile and O2 offering their equivalent products (the O2 whatever and the T-Mobile MDA Vario II) for
  4. Hi Guys {long time no post}, :P After Paul's ace review and all the +ve feedback i got from Modaco members about the M3100 I decided that the M3100 is a worthy successor to a M5000+C500 setup I own currently. I phoned up O and they said they don't have any 3100's left. They had some in yesterday... but they sold out within a day. :D Apparently, it costs
  5. Right... THis is really weird. I had just got off the phone to Orange Customer service to ask for a replacement and the phone sudenly kicked back to normal. I then phoned Orange and told them that I don't need the replacement and they just told me to refuse the replacement when the Courier guy arrives. However, now I had a play with it again... it fooked up again!! The screen has gone funny. I got angry and squashed the sides of the screen. This seemed to work and the picture went normal. But when I let go the screen slowly deteriorated. It's pretty bugged!!! I have all my stuff backed up via Exchange Server... so I see no harm in getting a replacement tommorow if the courier guy is coming down anyway! Please... has anyone else had any problems with their screen? Am I like the only one? I think it happened after I kept it in PDA mode when in my pocket... must have squashed it. So there you go: Keep your M5000 in closed shell mode. Need to ask people if they have issues with that!
  6. I have had my Orange SPV M5000 since Friday. Its a great gadget... but as a phone it sucks. For example you can't see whose calling without opening the lid {But I won't rant about that as a lot of other guys are doing well on the rants, and I don't want to steal the limelight} My Issue is that the screens colours have gone weird. Remember when your graphics card drivers screw up and you load your machine with the windows default drivers... and all high colour images get contoured with colour patches where there are colours that are not supported and it all looks rather crap! Well thats exactly whats happened to me. Anyone had the same issue? Need help please help...?
  7. Raptor Rules!!! - Never even heard of Eclipse - I thought it was sommin developed only for the mobiles! {No offence} Eclipse looks flashy and has all this cool space age stuff in it... but Raptor is just quality... It was the one of the only games I actually bought for me PC when I first got it... and it's sommin I would by if developed for the SPV. Bob
  8. Sorry to elongate this used and abused thread... but I went and built myself one of those Media Center PC's (u know those microsoft $$$ Home Theatre PC / Personal Video Recorder gimmicks)... I ordered the "microsoft remote control" from the states. It came with a USB infraRed reciever. Every time I press a button on me microsoft remote a little Red LED lights up on the reciever indicating a signal sent. Thats from a distance of about 3-4m and even more... no line of sight required (powerful Ir). All other remotes trigger a red blink but no action is taken! Yesterday i was beaming a contact via my SPV to a mate and there was a slight problem his Ir wasn't recieving. I was just alligning the two fones when my SPV was brought in line with the Microsoft Infra Red reciever... this triggered a series of regular blinks of its Red LED. It was in a pattern! I was standing about 3m away pointing my phone at the emmiter and it kept doing it. I then stopped beaming the contact and the LED blinking stopped. Then when I started beaming again, the blinking started again! Weird ay! Well this doesn't prove much! It just shows that its not only the power of the transmitter on the phone that matters. Its also the sensitivity of the reciever. Now... if only the egg-heads at M$ would come together and find out a way of uniting two of their "ventures into uncharted territorry"... then all they had to do is integrate it with Tablet PC ink support and the whole of the M$ line is unified! just my 2 pennies worth! Bob
  9. Whats this G Pod game like... any one played it yet? Found it on Handango... did a search and didn't find many useful references to it... Handango has a trial ver of it... G-Pod Handango Or am I too late? Sorry if this is a dumb repost... but I did do a few searches!!
  10. nothing! ... sorry couldn't resist...! :oops: Well... the CliE has a beefed up Infra Red Port... Sony designed the Clie as a PDA with a "remote control" feature in mind... So the IrDa port uses a very powerful signal... However this will prove to be a very BIG drain on the battery... so you have to reach a compromise... I'd spend the £60 and get a decent remote control... remember you take your mobile with you everywhere... what are other members of the household supposed to do when your out... use the normal remotes?????? :? but its one of those "impress ya mates" things... would be cool :) ... but good old HTC did not think about these uses when designing... {they alredy had battery problems as it is...} btw... I did a little experiment with me SPV and a Ericsson T300... I found that when sending a file through Infra Red the maximum distance between the two ports has to be approx 40cm... other wise it don't work!!
  11. got it working aswell.... :) seems cool... only one major problem... the "ringtone" selection does not look in the [iPSMApplication DataSounds] directory... it only looks in the [Windows] directory... that meant that I had to copy my Wav file to the [Windows] dir... it was selectable but it never plays when a call is coming in... I have tried it many times and re-started it etc... is this feature properly implemented in this release? It always goes and uses the "Trill Ring" tone :?: ;) ...oh well but still good feature.. curently trying to find pics for everyone on me phone!! Harder than I thought... My Suggestion: There should be an App that is associated with this that takes pictures {set to correct size and format}... so that the process is easier... We don't have to change pic sizes, shapes and copy here and there... just a suggestion... if its bundled with this software it will make it more integrated and friendlier to use...
  12. Are you supposed to see a Preview of your Pic in the preview bit at the bottom or is that "under construction"... Ive got it installed and selected numbers and pics... im using a 480x640x24bit pic... stored in IPSMProg... ... pictures {as mentioned before} and named "bob.jpg" Im using my home number and have started it: 00442083XXXXXX is this correct... am I missing anything... I tried calling from the Home Number and it just came up with my number being called... no pic... :'(
  13. ... being an emerging software developer myself i understand your concerns... :) It is a "gamble" but WHAT isn't? Its the RISK we all take... This would not be the case specifically with games developed for the PC or Console markets... which has some gurantee... the Smartphone2002 is plagued with certification costs... and its a Big NO NO for developers and therefore the cost is passed onto consumers ;) ... YES! Before the de-cert I would have payed anything for a game, but they were still in the £9.99 - £19.99 range which I didn't particularly mind... even after the de-cert, price of the games is still not my concern... its the quality {gameplay, graphics, etc}... however things have improved since more and more developers have come to make games {free & payed}... the quality of games such as Smartris and the various Emulators means that developers looking to profit from Games for this platform have to offer something more... ... i know that means developers are forced to do more work... but "No Pain... No Gain" ! :oops: Thanx for responding to my early comment Cent... im sorry that my figures were screwed!! As I said im not too clued on the numbers/business/finance side... and was taking guesses... I apologise to anyone who was offended by me stupidity! :oops:
  14. ... who woke up on the wrong side of the cave today...? {agreeing with Kevlar} C'mon don't fry us for providing comments... its "friendly" constructive talk... I agree £9.99 should be an acceptable price for Mobile Phone Games... games like Interstellar Flames sold for £1... so I think that through competition prices will fall anyway! OK... u pay £399 for certification/liscensing blah blah... say your super-dooper-game costs £10.00... then say Handango take 35% for resale costs... then running costs and pay etc... take up 60% of the cost... that means you have 5% left for profit... if there is 37,000 smartphone2002 {mainly SPV} users curently {with estimated 10 fold increase due to release of more Smartphone2002 handsets}.... lets just say only 5% of the 37,000 users want your game in the month that it comes out... thats about: 1850 users... at £0.50 profit per sale thats a total of £925.00... therefore total monthly profit of: £526.00 .... i think you have recouped your certification costs and still have enuf left for a kebab and a 1GB SD Card :)... and thats only in the first month... I really don't know the exact figures... I'm not a financial advisor and me maths is crap... but all I know is this is a BIG underestimate of the profits... there are more smartphones on the way ALL around the world... and most ppl who buy smartphones are gonna be slightly on the techy side so they would want to buy games and stuff... its still a gamble but it should pay off and pave the way for a brighter mobiling world! ... oh and by the way... the whole point of being a consumer is to sit there and nag developers and companies into to providing more stuff that we want... coz if we want it... it will sell and you will make money... {think !}
  15. nice ;) - Like the sound of this! Will it be on THIS coming saturday? (8th of March 2003) What time will it be at and have you got an exact location... I know my way around Soho and London... and am willing to help any pilgrims find their way to the holy shrine! The best thing to do is to send me an e-mail or private message.... Then I'll get your phone number and we'll arrange a meet up... ... however saturday is not exactly a good time... However if its in the evening it should be ok... about 7:00pm+ ... {soho is best seen in the evening :)} I live 20mins away {by train+tube} from Soho... ... it would be nice to see the gang... please can you update us on the times paul... :D
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