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  1. emsoftsys

    'Wildfire' anybody use it?

    Anybody have any experience of wildfire
  2. emsoftsys

    Serial Cable Arrived

    Just had a look at the link, your desk doesn't look like that does it Firass? Good luck when you get your cable (that's if Paul doesn't beat you to it).
  3. emsoftsys

    Serial Cable Arrived

    Oh Right! Thanks for responding Firass, presumably when one finds a way into the Rom then a piece of software could be written and then the 'restrictive walls tumble'?
  4. emsoftsys

    Serial Cable Arrived

    Sorry guys, just being nosey nay inquisitive, what does the serial cable empower you to do, what is Paul 'close to' Forgive me for being 'inquisitive' Adrian
  5. emsoftsys

    Male dominated zone!

    Just noticed Sarah_SPV's post, there aren't many girls using this forum, this must be a case of 'boys and their toys'. In the earlier days of me using this forum there was a lady called Vickie who used to post, indeed I think she generated a few 'personalised' backdrops for the phone, I wonder what happened to her :?: I wonder how many ladies have bought this phone, Orange must understand that the phone is attractive mainly to males, surely this limits their market? Any thoughts anybody?
  6. emsoftsys

    Phone unlocking problem!

    Hey fixit, that fixed it..... 'top banana', thanks Adrian
  7. emsoftsys

    Gameboy emulator for SPV - ALPHA code

    Spacemonkey, thanks for that, tried it but the program crashes and goes back to the 'programs' screen? Scratch that, got it working with another rom ;) I'm up and running now whey hey!!!!!!!!!! Kudos spacemonkey
  8. emsoftsys

    Gameboy emulator for SPV - ALPHA code

    Unlocked phone, loaded software and rom file to strorage card, created a shortcut but when trying to run I just get a screen with the title bar 'GnuBoy 0.91a' and underneath this I get the name of the file 'romfile.gbc'. I have tried this with several roms but get the same result every time. :cry: Can anybody offer any help please, my sons mithering me to get this sorted (it's not for me - honest) Thanks Adrian
  9. After updating the phone I thought I would unlock, however, after turning off the phone and then turning back on the phone holding the voice memo button the phone goes very quickly to the Canary screen not allowing me to hold down the action button and get to the menu allowing me to 'Erase the IPSM data'. Please help I would love to be able to play my gameboy games on the phone :cry:
  10. emsoftsys

    UPDATE available in DK!!!

    Does rewriting the english ispm directory contents affect the gprs connections. Since installing the update I can't get onto the orange web site, email works o.k. Unfortunately I didn't back up but have reset the connections as previous posts. If rewriting the ipsm folder contents with the english versions does solve this problem would someone please email them to me?
  11. emsoftsys

    UPDATE available in DK!!!

    Just done the rom update with no problems but as mentioned above the gprs settings are altered from the uk ones. Can somebody help me out by posting the uk gprs settings, in my haste I forgot to note them down
  12. emsoftsys

    Gameboy emulator for SPV - ALPHA code

    Well I guess I'll be busy then, I have put this off up until now but this I must try...... Kuodos spacemonkey :wink:
  13. emsoftsys

    Gameboy emulator for SPV - ALPHA code

    Presumably one needs to 'unlock' the phone?
  14. emsoftsys

    Dropped Connection - Manchester

    Appollnia When your connection drops off does the phone search and reconnect itself or do you have to reboot the phone? As for GPRS, it sounds like a 'dodgy' handset but I guess you knew this already ;) , I don't have any problems with GPRS
  15. emsoftsys

    Orange Various Problems

    I agree with Mono, don't come across so personally! Also (hoping you can accept some criticism)....... check out your punctuation! I would be interested in seeing the response you get!

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