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  1. I would like a gadget that I'm able to jog with it (along with GPS then, as well as a pretty great precision), in which monitors my sleep with great consistency as well as wakes me up utilizing a quiet alarm within an time period determined by me (such as SleepBot for Android can), knowing that is not too ugly or heavy. I'd personally also adore for it to synchronize together with a chest strap as well as to have wrist-based HRM for workout, nevertheless isn't necessary. The equipment which comes nearer to this, In my opinion, is the Fitbit Surge (a bit pricey), nevertheless, I do not like to see in it within my wrist. Will there be something similar like Fitbit so that i can do the wearables comparison?
  2. So it is actually $149 vs $999. That is so big gap in term of price. Thanks for your details review. I wish i could hold this smartphone and try it for myself (been playing around samsung note 8 a few times actually, just want to differentiate a bit)
  3. Hi, newbie here, sorry if this topic is not posted in the proper thread, because of I cannot find the thread particularly to note 3. I used note 3 since it is released in 2013, then right after almost 5 years, it seem like every time i want to charge my phone, the battery capacity is very slow to reach 1%. It feel like every an hour it can only charge 2-3%. So is it the problem with the battery? I mean do i need to change the new set of battery, or is it the connector within the USB plugin could have some kind problem. Thanks for any opinion or tips.
  4. I am early 30s.. the smartphone era start when i am 24 years old.. how time flies
  5. Hi everyone! Newbie here. Mingle around here to learn something. I face some problem with my phone, maybe i could find precious info here
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