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  1. I could have done with this 2 weeks ago when my Nexus 5X bricked itself. Spent a week reading stats, wanted USB C and NFC, also fancied a larger screen but that pushes the price up. Ordered a Wileyfox 2X but the Amazon seller let me down, then picked up a P10 Lite (only in Black sadly) when Argos dropped the price of the 7X, so I swapped the order to that, only to find Argos had the wrong stats and NFC wasn't on it! So I dropped down to a P8 Lite which was in Honor Blue (only from CPW) and bar the Micro USB was had very similar specs to my dead N5X and was just £130! Maybe I should have waited for the P9 Lite but I glad I didn't plump too much money as I have since found out all Huaweis have a known issue using Bluetooth to Garmin GPS watches. UPDATE This week a beta update came out for my Garmin (735XT) and it fixes the issue.
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