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  1. I am having a problem with Activesync 3.8. It tells me my device (MDA Compact) is connected, but when I try to explore it I get the following message "Critical communication services have failed to start. Try resetting the mobile device and then connect again. Any relevant help would be most useful
  2. I have 1Gb card and got a message saying did I want to format it. I get saying no till one day said yes. I now have a 512k card ;) . I have tried a formatter program but it thinks the card is write protected :exclaim: even though on the outside it is not! So i can't format it to the correct size. :oops: Any ideas please? :idea:
  3. SO3


    Thanks you !hit the nail on the head" :D
  4. SO3


    I meant the ones I have downloaded and want to put on my MDA, there are much better ones on the mortplayer site. But has the author has had do move the site the instructions have not been moved yet.
  5. Could some please remind me how to change the skins that I have downloaded from the Mortplayer web site. :?:
  6. SO3

    ROM 1.11 instability

    I have found t-mobile not to be particular useful, be it their web site or customer support! :o
  7. SO3

    ROM 1.11 instability

    More to the point, if one can be exused, is there a very simple, easy to follow, guide? I so want/need to do the same for my compact? Thanks in advanced. EDIT: quote of initial post removed - please don't quote unnecessarily
  8. Can someone please tell me how to banish the t-mobile 'screen that appears built in! But in particular the one that appears when I do a reset. I have searched the device and found something called TMO_Wallpaper in the Extended_Rom folder, but when I try to delete it is says 'Unable to access the file. 35000:103:2' Is there some sort of registry entry I need to change? Thanks in advance.
  9. One final thought! If there's anyone out there! Does the GSM 900 (Europe) Band have to be put on, do use these codes? As I can't seem to turn it on!
  10. I have tried all these with no joy, any other suggegtions? Query: *#61#[sEND] Query: *#61*11#[sEND] Query: *#61*25#[sEND] Query: *#61*13#[sEND] Query: *#61*89#[sEND] All I got was "Forward if no reply is enabled to "voicemail" for voice after 15 seconds. All from this site> http://www.mobileshop.org/usertech/gsmcodes.htm
  11. The problem is if the mda is in another room, etc, I never get to it in time to answer it! So is it possible to change the number of times the mda rings before it is answered or goes on to answer machine? I am not talking about the handsfree setting which only works with a headset!
  12. http://www.expansys.com/product.asp?code=119716 This seems to be the lastest to come out, but I want to make a final choice! What do people think about this one and any others now available? Rate them on here.
  13. SO3

    MP3 question

    Have a look at these if you want something tidy. http://www.boxwave.com/products/minibuds/index.htm I use WMP 10 and it's cool, sync with my mda easy, peasy! But am not adverse to other programs. There are some cool skins that are easy to download. http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windowsme...e/ppcskins.aspx
  14. I concur with the above about both being ugly, but while on the subject of 'Expansys' I thought they had two cradles once upon a time. The ugly black one and a silver/white one that could charge a spare battery, or should I wake up know?

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