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  1. USB connection problem only affects Windows in my case, phone gets recgonized on Linux. Perhaps it's a problem with Windows drivers? Play store wasn't displaying Netflix without root, later I installed Magisk and I was able to download it from play store, but Netflix gave a "This app is not compatible with your device" message, downloading the apk from Netflix's website did work for me though. Also I think this bug could be related to me not being able to start Signal app on my phone: https://jira.lineageos.org/browse/BUGBASH-590
  2. Just installed Lineage 13 and the camera is working just fine , so it seems to be an issue with 14.1
  3. I've come straight to 14.1, I will try 13 now and see if the camera works there
  4. I tried OpenCamera and another app, and rear camera didn't work in either of them.
  5. Hey, I love the rom, only issue I've had was with the rear camera not working and not being able to run Signal. Here's the logcat when opening the camera app: https://pastebin.com/KkNyEBXm
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