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  1. Is there a point to watch my question? It has been a week, and no answer? Is that how this site works???
  2. Hello, I have basically no experience with a mobile phone, and I dislike all the bloatware that clogs up everything. It is rooted and I removed a lot of stuff, but not enough for my taste. I have looked around for information that tells me what certain apps are for, but I have not found anything really. To give an example: There is an app called ASUS Cover and it uses up 8.66MB, what does do? What will no longer work if I uninstall it? And there are dozens of bloatware about which I have basically the same questions. Is there a point to have CM security? what is Exchange services? I literally use the phone to be reachable, and make an occasional call. I use the GPS for FreeNavigator in the car , I use the camera, and I use it as an mp3 player with my MusicFolderPlayer app. Does that f.e. mean, I can uninstall all other music apps? One more thing. I do NOT use any Google, and do not ev4n have an account Thanks to anyone who can answer this or point me in the right direction....
  3. The Chuwi Hi 10 Plus tablet is dual boot. Now, I want/need to change the partition sizes on the 64GB internal storage. I would prefer to reduce the Win10 partition to maybe 10GB and add all the rest to the Android partition. Or, second-best would be to remove the Win10 partition completely, and have to whole internal storage for Android. How do I go about preferably the first choice? Thank you, Ross  (moved from general...., sorry, my fault)
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