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    SMT 5600, HP iPAQ 4150
  1. extravagant

    1 big problem with HTC Universal

    I would pass in that case, too.
  2. extravagant

    Change Your Voice?

    Who's the moron?
  3. extravagant

    Smartphones for your home!

    Yup that is true. I just like the fact how the MPX opens - flips like a regular flip phone. I like that kind of style rather then holding a pocket pc to your head. Also, I cant stress enough, INTEGRATED GPS! Lets make it happen MOTO and everyone else!
  4. extravagant

    Back-up Options

    oh ok, thx for clearing that up I didn't know.. I wont backup my pocket pc! smartphone is what I'm worried about. I have extended warantee on pocket pc! plus I cant live without a phone!
  5. extravagant

    Back-up Options

    the backup option in Activesync is gray I cant choose it? Also, if my phone crashes completely like it did one time, can I use this backup activesync creates to reflash the phone?
  6. sad to say, it still freeezes, even with ur methods!!!! Maybe MS can do something about this!!!!
  7. extravagant

    Fizz Traveller Help!

    never mind everyone I fixed it, in the options, just click the arrow at the bottom right, it will take u to another menu, then chose Locale for the time/date, and it will display what u have setup in the Regional Settings on the phone.
  8. extravagant

    A possible reason for the MPx delay

    that could be one of the reasons, its just late coming out and since its so late it needs to have wm5. Also, thats true there would need to be some redesigning. ALso, it lacked a lot of features, including hardly no memory! Also, maybe they wanted to put GPS in it! :)
  9. extravagant

    charge handset wirelessly?

    I think the solar power idea is a lot better, safer and generallyh better and easier!
  10. extravagant

    Windows Mobile 5 commercial release ?

    LOL 8) we can always count on them!
  11. yes I've noticed, the description however says otherwise. Is there a way I can change it?
  12. tottaly, thats the best way, y would u try something on ur own, espeically when another script already works from somewhere else!
  13. extravagant

    Your phones history

    for me, some OLD brick nokia one, then a newer nokia (still pretty old) now SMT 5600 (best phone so far) I want the HTC Universal and I cant wait till there is integarated GPS!!!
  14. extravagant

    Smart XP

    :exclaim: LAAAAAAAAGGGGG :exclaim: 8) 8)

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