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  1. Yup that is true. I just like the fact how the MPX opens - flips like a regular flip phone. I like that kind of style rather then holding a pocket pc to your head. Also, I cant stress enough, INTEGRATED GPS! Lets make it happen MOTO and everyone else!
  2. oh ok, thx for clearing that up I didn't know.. I wont backup my pocket pc! smartphone is what I'm worried about. I have extended warantee on pocket pc! plus I cant live without a phone!
  3. the backup option in Activesync is gray I cant choose it? Also, if my phone crashes completely like it did one time, can I use this backup activesync creates to reflash the phone?
  4. sad to say, it still freeezes, even with ur methods!!!! Maybe MS can do something about this!!!!
  5. never mind everyone I fixed it, in the options, just click the arrow at the bottom right, it will take u to another menu, then chose Locale for the time/date, and it will display what u have setup in the Regional Settings on the phone.
  6. that could be one of the reasons, its just late coming out and since its so late it needs to have wm5. Also, thats true there would need to be some redesigning. ALso, it lacked a lot of features, including hardly no memory! Also, maybe they wanted to put GPS in it! :)
  7. I think the solar power idea is a lot better, safer and generallyh better and easier!
  8. yes I've noticed, the description however says otherwise. Is there a way I can change it?
  9. tottaly, thats the best way, y would u try something on ur own, espeically when another script already works from somewhere else!
  10. for me, some OLD brick nokia one, then a newer nokia (still pretty old) now SMT 5600 (best phone so far) I want the HTC Universal and I cant wait till there is integarated GPS!!!
  11. nice, but I would like the volume information there too, good work tho
  12. a SP version would be OK I guess
  13. yeah that way u can also learn about new plugins that u never heard before that you think would be useful!
  14. I need more than 4 too.. and one thing that was pretty dumb, when the phone is silent, it should be silent, meaning there should be no call initiate sound!!!!! :@ though its ok cuz the guys at modaco fixed this problem for us with their tweak!
  15. I dont think its loading mMode, its just the background.
  16. oh ok, thx for clearing it up mate, its not like that here. Here you are automatically on line one so no need to show anything I guess.
  17. Thx for ur input! Yeah, my setting for syncing is manual, I will do what u said to uncheck allow usb connection. I wonder if u uncheck it, disconnect ur phone, then active sync disappears, and u plug in ur phone, will it work right away? or do u have to manually open it? Well not a problem, as long as it doesn't freeze. I will try what u said and do that from now on. It doesn't always freeze, but like 90% of the time it does, so I dont wanna risk it. I use to just turn off the phone while it was connected then unplug and turn it back on, but that takes far 2 long. I also sync my pocket pc, and there are no problems. I've hardreset my phone, but it doesnt do anything. I had 2 SMT 5600s (frist one broke, then go replacement) with the first one I never had that problem. Well, I will try to unplug it normally a few more times and if it continues then I will do what u said, thx but I do wonder why it happens? thx again!
  18. lol, yeah it should be possible, like an app should be able to accomplish this by tweaking the mic settings or something.. and to turn it on, it should be when ur in a call, in the call progress screen, open the menu (right softkey) and enable it HINT HINT HINT!!!! 8)
  19. yeah, thats my point mate. WHy carry another device? It just makes life harder. And integarted GPS is coming soon, really soon and should be a norm soon.. the HP Messenger pocket pc phone has integarted GPS and its coming out in July, check the link. http://msmobiles.com/news.php/3937.html, also check out this smartphone with GPS http://msmobiles.com/news.php/3895.html and check out this program that looks pretty good that utilizes GPS http://msmobiles.com/news.php/3941.html. There are more programs like that, just read the article everyone. As for battery life, GPS shouldn't be on all the time. You should be able to turn it on and off, like bluetooth and wifi. I wouldn't want it on all the time, due to health concerns! Also, with GPS (bill gates was talking about this) you can request to see your friends location, kinda like a text message pop up, ur friend then accepts, and the location is then displayed on a map on ur phone with the quordinates that are sent back after ur friend accepts. You can probably use Pocket Streets to do this. GPS is really good, and it should be integrated. When a good smartphone comes out, with querty keyboard etc like the HTC Universal (except smaller and lighter - still prob a while away) then I will buy it, given it has GPS.
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