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  1. Voda should have it on the 19th of this month, went to a voda store today and thats the day they have and customer service also confirmed the same day.
  2. Hi all Are these questions really that difficult or are there no answers, 228 views and not one person knows. I've managed to work out the notification sounds problem but still need help with the rest. Anyone???
  3. Hi I've got the touch plus and have been using it for a couple of weeks, however i have a couple of questions which hopefully someone can answer. 1. On the HTC homescreen, how can i set the weather to update automatically, can't find any settings options like on my smartphone. 2. With my exchange email account i can set it to automatically send/recieve in only peak times only and have off peak as manual, is there any way to do this with my pop account email. 3. How can i set a profiles? 4. Is there anyway to have the email notification off but the text message notification on. I can only see one option for notifications which seems to cover everything. Thanks in advance for any advice/help
  4. I've recently been using co-pilot on the touch plus on tmobile, i'm actually quiet impressed with it, you dont need to pay extra for traffic updates and seems to do everything tomtom does, why does everyone hate co-pilot so much. Tomtom can't be so stupid to think it won't be hacked because they are embedding it in the rom, the movie industry has spent billions trying to stop piracy, and the software industry has spent the same if not more. Are tomtom just naive? They are going to kill off their market because no one is going to want to buy an "old version" of the software.
  5. no problem mate, least it's sorted now :D
  6. finally got it sorted, Cheers for all the help/ The link WearTheFoxHat provided only told me that my exchange server was not set up for wireless I ended up calling 1 and 1, surprisingly they knew exactly what i was talking about and told me straight away, all working fine now. If anyone else needs it or does in the future the server is... exchange.1and1.co.uk The other details you require are the same as in the other thread.
  7. Thats the first post i posted, i have that information, however i need the server information, 1 and 1 says its the domain name, so i entered the e********.websitehome.co.uk is this correct? because it does not seem to sync with the server. thanks
  8. Hi I posted a while ago regarding the domain name settings for 1 and 1 exchange and had it all set up on my phone, ive recently changed my phone to a HTC Touch Plus and am trying to set up the exchange account however it is asking for the server settings and i cannot remember what i put in the last time i did it, I cannot find the answer anywhere either. Can anyone tell me what i need to enter here. Thanks (i cannot check the details on the S730 because for some reason the phone wiped out the exchange server on its own recently and i never set it up again)
  9. if you move to a solo plan and back it will probably be an upgrade when u move back similar to what orange do, you can port to virgin pay as u go, and immediately call virgin for a pac code, they will have to register your details but will give u the code straight away.
  10. Hi Can anyone advise me On T-Mobile's web site they are selling the Touch Plus and also the Touch Plus with CoPilot. I asked them about this as I have an upgrade and they advised that the Touch Plus with CoPilot has a GPS built in where as the Touch Plus does not. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks
  11. Thanks i only needed the domain part in the end. :)
  12. Can anyone tell me what settings i need to put from a 1 and 1 exchange account into my phone (HTC S730) to get it working. I've tried so many combinations and am having no luck Thanks in advance
  13. Exchange allows you to retrieve mail from various pop3 accounts however if you send mail does it go from this new email address? thanks
  14. A long time ago a company had a service that allowed you to buy prepaid credit and use this for messaging, they also had a client that worked on a smartphone, where you could send the message from a NAME or your number. Can anyone remember who that company was? Are they still around or are there any other companies that offer a similar service? Thanks
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