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  1. Mr_Mixalot

    Mi 8 6 gb/ 64 gb Mint, brand new £335

    Thanks, I've got a OP6 at the moment but was considering trying this device
  2. Mr_Mixalot

    Mi 8 6 gb/ 64 gb Mint, brand new £335

    Do you have any pics, any cases included, Thanks
  3. Mr_Mixalot

    Nubia Redmagic Black - Unopened £300 RMSD

    Afternoon You got my attention with this Is there any warranty with this device? Thanks
  4. Mr_Mixalot

    Honor 10 Green, Blackberry Key2, 360 N7 Various Prices

    Good evening Can banking apps still be used on the Honor 10 after the bootloader change Thanks
  5. Mr_Mixalot

    Handset To Replace A Samsung S8 Plus

    Good Morning EveryoneLooking to trade my S8 Plus for another handset, I'm wanting to retain a 6" plus screen size so will consider all the premium Chinese brands My S8+ is fully boxed, comes with a couple of cases incl a Spigen one as well as having warranty until I think March 19 (will have to check)The only issue with the handset is a crack on the lens camera which DOES NOT have any impact on any photos that are taken, its purely cosmetic & can only been seen if the phone is tilted a certain way Its a lovely handset but the issue I have is that with the curved screen I keep getting dust under the screen protectors no matter what type of case I use, I know its sad but its really bugs mePlease let me know what you have Thanks in advance
  6. Mr_Mixalot

    New P20 Pro Twilight

    No worries
  7. Mr_Mixalot

    New P20 Pro Twilight

    Are you wanting a sale only or would you consider a trade as well?
  8. Mr_Mixalot

    Mi Mix 2s 128 gb Global version

    Morning, can you confirm if banking apps work on this phone due to the unlocked bootloader Thanks again
  9. Mr_Mixalot

    Mi Mix 2s 128 gb Global version

    Whats the build quality like and which builder did you buy from? Can you also let me know if this is the 6GB or 8GB version? Is there a case / screen protector in the box? Thanks
  10. Mr_Mixalot

    Garmin VivoActive HR GPS Watch / Activity Tracker - SOLD

    Item Sold Elsewhere
  11. Mr_Mixalot

    NVIDIA Shield TV 4K (2017 model) SOLD ELSEWHERE

    Does it come with a remote? Doh, need to pay attention
  12. Good Afternoon No longer required as I've upgraded but its less that a year old The best GPS activity tracker you can buy from a trusted brand Tracks a myriad of sports as well as your sleep Fully waterproof to 5ATM Comes fully boxed with all inserts / leads I'll even give you an extra strap Compatible with Android & IOS Thanks for looking

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