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  1. hello, So, my phone had recovery twrp and the lastest lineage rom. suddenly it gives an error and i reboot it. then it is stuck in boot loop. after that using the twrp recovery i do a factory reset. still boot loop. i try to flash diferent roms but now it says an error.. cant format. no data, no cache. Unable to mout data or cache or whatever. now i only can go to twrp... does anybody know who to ressurect this amazing phone? everything was fine excpet for this random initial error...
  2. So... i had the latest rom and the apps in my phone suddenly asking to be closed due to some errors... it was constant, so I decided to reboot. when it turned on, it said the encryption wasnt sucessful.. so i went to recovery mode and did a factory reset.. it was done but when i turn on the phone it got in a loop (so i tought to clear cache). i did but then appeared an error. "unmount data".. ou "unmount storage" i went to two phone shops none had a solution.. my phone is dead :/
  3. First of all, thanks for still put up to date this smartphone. Next, I had the old rom before this june one, and there was problem with echo in calls. Now, with the rom of june it is fixed. However i am not sure if it was reported. Even now with the new update and the old update there was problem with NFC. I use an app called MB way that can pay using NFC. The app always crashs/blocks if I turn On the NFC. If i turn off the NFC, the app work but i can't pay using NFC It it just with this app? Or the NFC in general? Nobody? thanks

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