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  1. what are you whining about? Asia (namely Japan, Korea) is only literally 7 years ahead of America's mobile phone technology America is still one or two years ahead of europe, but I'm not sure about UK
  2. Maikeul

    Language files

    can someone make a tutorial on how to change the language? please?
  3. I'm the owner of a Motorola MPx220 and I use it on Cingular in the states. A few weeks ago I did an exchange program and stayed in Germany for a few weeks. I didn't want to use cingular in germany, and I was lured in by Vodafone's marketing, so I went to Vodafone and bought a "Callya" card, kinda of a pay as you go. For €20 you get an SIM card, and €10 credit. It was great and worked nicely, and the prices were fine, but I had one problem: every 2 or 3 minutes I literally recieved a batch of 10 to 15 text messages (SMS). They didn't have a sender and they all said "the contents of this message cannot be displayed". I tried to ignore it at first, however after half an hour I already had my inbox full of over 100 text messages. I turned the notification sound off, but it still drained my battery very quickly, so I everntually kept my phone on flight mode. Normally I wouldn't really care for this, but I'm going to live in germany for 6 months so it is an issue for me. Is this an MPx220 hardware problem, or is it a Vodafone problem? I went to a Vodafone store and asked for help, but they said that they weren't responsible for the messages. What can I do? EDIT: If it matters, I was on the Vodafone D2 network and I was staying in Northwestern Germany (the state of Niedersachsen)
  4. Maikeul

    Another Moto Bluetooth Headset

    ok I just registered on the motorola website I wasn't sure if I used the right number as the serial number, but I used the one that was on the sticker that is visible after one removes the battery from the phone, and it has "MSN:" infront of it. I figured that meant Motorola Serial Number, was I right? There were like 6 or 7 different numbers. Anyways, did I do that right? and how long does it take for it to come in the mail. Is ANYONE that has purchased this phone in the US elligible?
  5. Maikeul

    Windows Mobile 2005 for MPx220

    when will the update be released officially?
  6. Maikeul

    GADGETotW: EastGear SD WiFi Card

    will this work for pocket pcs that are not phone editions? eg, if I bought a Matsunichi I-mat, and this thing, would I be able to use wi-fi?
  7. Maikeul

    Bluetooth Headset!

    how do you get them? do you have to register somewhere??
  8. Maikeul

    Language on MPX220

    does anyone have it in german or japanese?
  9. It doesn't work for me either..
  10. Maikeul

    Changing Cases on the MPx220

    where'd you get the cases?
  11. Maikeul

    Memory for MPX 220

    I dunno if the 1Gb card will work but you can use either the mini usb cable or the charger to chrage the phone. The usb cable draws power from the computer.
  12. I just play a file in windows media player and if you close it, it should still keep playing
  13. Here are some pics I took with my MPx220 it takes better pictures during the day than at night... definately.

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