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  1. Only used once so in perfect mint condition. Unlocked to all networks Looking for £170
  2. Tried to make sure they work and back in the box if that counts
  3. Selling white Galaxy buds plus. Looking for 70.00 with delivery
  4. Still for sale. Looking for £250 delivered which is a steal for a 5G unlocked phone as new
  5. Selling like new Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra in Grey All accessories unused and phone still has factory screen protector on and been in a case so mint condition. Looking for £850 delivered
  6. Selling a like new Xiaomi Mix 3 5G in Blue. Unlocked and only been used a few days with a screen protector and case on. Great phone for 5G and has been used for a few days on Three 5G where I got 1.4Gbps speed in London. Selling as situation has changed so no need for it and can't be bothered to return to Xiaomi especially as they charge £699 at the moment for this so someone will get a bargain. Looking for £275 delivered
  7. Meant to put £250 but can't edit for some reason But yeah will take £250 and can post straight away
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