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  1. Construction sites are dangerous places for smartphones, unless you pick the best and most durable model. Based on the number of smartphones you see with spiderweb-cracked screens, you might think every model out there was an expensive and fragile waste of money, particularly if you're active on a jobsite. Drops and bumps, water sprays, dust, extreme temperatures, and vibrations are all threats to an otherwise essential technology tool. Luckily, not all smartphones are delicate flowers. There are strong options available for construction contractors, engineers and skilled tradespeople who cannot afford to compromise on ruggedness. Whether you need something weatherproof, impact-resistant, optimized for multimedia, ready for collaborative projects or all of the above, you just need to know where to look. What makes a smartphone rugged? To call a phone rugged, not to mention waterproof or water-resistant, it should have a variety of certifications to its name. That means a third party has conducted tests to prove whether the device can withstand some pretty serious abuse. There are generally two types of these certifications: IP and MIL-STD. The IP (Ingress Protection) rating on a smartphone is published by the International Electrotechnical Commission, which determines if a device performs after exposure to dirt, dust and water. The ratings for dirt range from 1 to 6, and 1 to 8 for water. The max rating for particulates would be IP6, and a max rating for liquid would be IP8. That would mean an IP68 phone is completely resistant to dirt damage and can be left underwater indefinitely, at a depth determined by the manufacturer. The MIL-STD (Military Standard) specs are set by various arms of the U.S. Military and Department of Defense. The numbers associated with MIL-STD indicate far more than just protection from water and dust. For instance, MIL-STD-810Gs certifies that something can withstand nuclear radiation, drops onto concrete, and exposure to rapid freezing or heat. These certifications can be much more nuanced, but most commonly in rugged smartphones, you'll note they are listed under an umbrella designation of MIL-STD-810G, which has a number of subcategories. It is worth noting that a smartphone lacking one of these certifications may still be able to take a beating. For instance, companies such as Panasonic and Xplore are more focused on making sure their devices can be dropped than they are on them being able to handle really cold weather. Best rugged smartphones The ioutdoor x (about 229$ Aliexpress https://bit.ly/2JkqOaq) is IP68 certified to offer protection against dust, shock from a 6-foot fall onto concrete, vibration, temperature extremes, blowing rain, low pressure, solar radiation, salt fog, humidity and water immersion. The Android phone sports a big storage 6GB+128 GB, and 18:9 full screen, NFC, which is is a state-of-the-art smartphone with fashion design suit for daily use. The Sonim XP7 ($579) is another smartphone to consider for jobsites. It's more 'tank' than entertainment center, and it comes with a three-year, no-questions-asked warranty. Its Gorilla Glass 2 screen doesn't match the Brigadier's for imperviousness, but it runs Android and is IP69 rated. The Crosscall Trekker-X3 was built to live outside. It is IP67 rated, meaning it can survive a full range of outdoor conditions. It does far more than deliver your email and apps, too. It comes with a built-in thermometer, hygrometer, barometer and magnetometer. The box it comes in doubles as a wireless charger.
  2. The ioutdoor have made an appearance on the official facebook of their new model(iputdoor polar3), they showed the back cover appearance and design and give some interactive activities. “Tough and hard” maybe the first image from the picture, of course, the official have confirmed that it also follow the company route with professional IP68 certification. More surprising, some news from China technology spread that, the coming model of ioutdoor will adopt 5G internet. As we all know from the second half of 2018, 5G internet is the most popular topic in the smartphone filed and will be the most important competition features in 2019. ioutdoor as the innovative rugged smartphone manufacturer, so it is not strange here if the manufacturer update and release the latest 5G internet to get more market share. Also from the picture, it seems that this model more tough and rugged than the ioutdoor x from the appearance, and it should be pack dual cameras and rear finger sensor, which vertically arrangement. From some ambiguous message released in the official facebook, we can give a dare guess: this model will have good performance in battery, photography and storage. The appearance have show to us, but the detail specification didn’t reveal now, please pay more attention the the official site www.ioutdoor.cc and facebook page to get the latest information and update.
  3. Rugged Phone ioutdoor x: What you need for your active lifestyle Calling all adventurers: outdoor fun doesn’t mean you need to leave your devices at home. They just might need some extra protection. Whether you’re hiking, camping, biking or hunting, ioutdoor has covered with the best rugged phones, accessories and sport tech. These durable products are ready for whatever Nature throws at you. Fearless Phones We’ve all been there: Your phone falls off a cliff and into a lake and then gets run over by a car — in the snow. No? Well, just in case, with a rugged ioutdoor phone, you can work and play in the most extreme environments without compromising on toughness. ioutdoor x The ioutdoor x is a 4G LTE smartphone built from IP68, the global standard in toughness. It’ll withstand dust, shock, water, vibration, temperature, pressure, rain, solar radiation, salt fog and humidity. Its IP68 waterproof certification means it can be submerged in 6 feet of water for 30 minutes. And its reinforced touchscreen can be used with wet or gloved hands — ideal for doing the dirty work. Also with the rugged phone industry development, the design and appearance have achieved a great breakthrough. Heavy, ugly is always the first impression of rugged phone before, but now thin, stylish also can be the image of rugged phone. ioutdoor x is the latest unique rugged smartphone with Luxury motor racing design with the thin body only 10.4mm, android 8.1, Face ID, 1600 dual camera, NFC , GPS+GLONASS... suit any occasion not only daily life but also some serious environment. ioutdoor is a professional rugged smartphone manufacture specialized in this field for more than 10 years, best service and good quality guaranteed, learn more about the ioutdoor x here, and get more official news from our Facebook page
  4. Smartphone are gradually becoming homogenized, and various mobile phone manufacturers are researching consumer needs and launching various types of models that can reflect their differences. The wide range of mobile phone usage scenarios and the durability of the product itself have also become the breakthrough point for manufacturers to pursue differentiation. For the emergency scenes encountered in the daily life of mobile phones, the IP68 rugged smartphone come to the market. The three-proof mobile phone is characterized by its professional waterproof, dustproof and excellent anti-drop and anti-squeezing properties, which can be used in unusually harsh conditions and special occasions. ioutdoor is an excellent manufacturer specializing in the field of IP68 rugged phones for decades, its products are focused on quality and three-proof performance. In order to meet more customers satisfactions, ioutdoor released their flagship- ioutdoor x, the thinnest IP68 rugged smartphone combined with similar style of Huawei mate 20rs Porsche Design. So beautiful IP 68 rugged smartphone, the tri-proof performance can meet the professional standard? This video will tell you the truth: 1.Cruel Shock-proof test: In this test, we throw the ioutdoor x from any angle, above 1.8 m , and it don’t have any damage to the screen. 2.Professional water-proof test: After testing the anti-drop performance, the waterproof test is now performed. The author has no mercy to throw the phone into the pool. Imagine if your daily phone fall into the water, you will be nervous, but ioutdoor just like the fish swimming in the pool. Take easy! 3. Scratch proof test: ioutdoor x bring the GORNING GORILLA 5 glass, have the great performance not only in the shock-proof but also in the scratch proof. The reviewer directly use the key to slash the screen for many times, and even directly put the screen on the cement board and rub it back and forth. Above, ioutdoor x have great IP68 performance in water-proof, shock proof and scratch proof although it’s beautiful and unique design not meet our rugged phone impression. Beside this, 6GB+128GB big storage, Helio p23, 16MB+8MB dual camera, android 8.1 latest system. It is the new worth buying IP68 rugged smartphone in 2019!
  5. As we know the double 12 is the biggest shopping festival in china as double11. Every Chinese maker worth their salt is preparing some kind of a special promo event or sales for this promotional carnival. So it comes as a no strange that ioutdoor brand is also putting up some sales in advance so let’s take a look at their highlighted Top 3 phones to get from the event on their Aliexpress shop. Under the ioutdoor brand belong also the rugged phone and the first piece is just release few week ago and get hot popular model- ioutdoor x. Here maybe the excited news for ioutdoor x lovers. The phone can offer 5,7-inch HD+ panel, Helio P23 processor, 6 GB RAM, 128 GB of internal storage, Face ID tech, thinnest body and unique motor racing design, IP68 certification or the Android 8.1 Oreo. The retail price 299.99$,and of course a special 12.12 price 227.99 $(it’s the lowest price since it is release). Then comes the ioutdoor T2, which is the strong and special rugged phone as it support walkie-talkie function. It very suitable for outdoor activities and some serious environment,big 4500mAh battery provide 1800h standby and can be used as power bank when your other device batter empty, professional IP68 for water-proof and shock-proof guaranteed. Discount price at 39.99$ down from retail price 59.99$(competitive price in year)
  6. Speaking of the ioutdoor phone, what do you think of ? Is it strong performance,or is it a variety of applications that follow the trend, or is it variety of choose, from entry level to flagship device? These are features of the ioutdoor mobile phone. However, if you look at the ioutdoor series, you will find that the IP68 tri-proof are the strongest selling point of the ioutdoor mobile phone. Always, the three-proof mobile phone have a big, thick and heavy image in our impression. Although it can fight against all kinds of severe environments, it is really not flattering in aesthetics. Now, with the development of the era of smart phones, major manufacturers have tried to introduce the IP68 Tri-proof to smartphone field. ioutdoor, as a leader in this field, has been praised by the attractive design and beautiful appearance. So all pack with IP68 defence,why ioutdoor looks so beautiful? Product positioning ioutdoor latest flagship device- ioutdoor x, features professional IP68 dustproof and waterproof level. We can see the various IP68 features promoted on the website: underwater photography, extreme violence test, resistance to fall.Therefore, ioutdoor x starts from the beginning of the product positioning is the professional IP68 three-proof design. Good IP68 performance not only in daily life protect also in any harsh environment. Lack of patent In three-proof mobile phone design, most of them will involve problems such as fuselage structure opening problems. ioutdoor has been deeply involved in the field of three-proof mobile phones for decades, and has applied for a large number of patents on the design of the fuselage opening, and Tri-proof certification. Relying on its own unique technology and supported by patent, the ioutdoor rugged samrtphones always looks slim and beautiful. Like the ioutdoor x, adopting the most unique mator racing design, similar style of huawei mate20 rs Porsche design, 10.4mm utra-thin also is the big breakthrough in rugged field. Company culture Corporate culture determines the design philosophy of a company's products. ioutdoor has always been committed to abandon the thick, ugly and pursuit of beautiful and strong performance design concept.Therefore, all the phone in the lines all packing exquisite appearance. the Ioutdoor brand has set its own direction and goals from the beginning, so its latest flagship machine ioutdoor x is also praised by customers and the public as the thinnest and best looking IP 68 tri-proof smartphone.

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