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  1. Hi, my brother is going to Japan, and I give him my mpx 220. He need to make something to the phone to activate the quad band or it take it automatically? Thank you very much! Valerio
  2. Is it possible? Using the filemanager on the phone (cingular), I cannot add a file to a programme... Help! Thanks
  3. airvaly

    Help plz MDSXL-4-3280.XL

    Try to reinstall the update on the phone...
  4. Try to turn off your phone and then on... maybe it should reload the system
  5. I think it's not possible..
  6. Obviously don't work! Any advice on how to transfer about 200 Mb on miniSD card?
  7. Backup made by the program before install upgrade don't go well?
  8. Mmmh.. 2-3 times... then I close the connection. I'll try your approach! Thanks
  9. During a long file transfer (about 170 Mb) on the phone, the transfer status bar come back to begin again the transfer. Practically I cannot transfer the file! I have a mini SD 256 Mb.. and my need is to put a AVI video on the phone... any advice on it? Thanks!
  10. How can I setup bluetooth's connection speed? Now it is very slow, less than 1kb/s!!
  11. airvaly


    How can I setup the registry? I have found the file registry... but I don't able to open it!
  12. airvaly

    Tool Update HELP

    The first image says "If it appears to be updating, then it is likely that everything is OK and you can dismiss this warning message".... Is it not an answer to your problem?
  13. airvaly

    How can I upgrade my phone?

    My version is , available language is US English... May I have a possibilty to find the italian package? There is any site where to download language packs?
  14. can you downgrade the cingular rom?

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