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  1. They can't have done it deliberately, whetever it was. If they had, they wouldn't have wasted time trying (and failing) to fix the problem. Shocking to now attempt to duck responsibility for the issue. And all without providing a single shred of information about the problem at their end. The corporate instinct for secrecy not doing them any favours either.
  2. That seems to corroborate my suspicion that having the account already setup was what got mine working...
  3. mine didn't bypass the update stage, it just checks and finds itself up to date. Which must be a workaround, as it ought to find updates. Versions etc below: Andriod version: 4.4.2 IFWI version: BayTrail Kernel version: [email protected] #1 Mon Nov 2 17:52:48 UTC 2015 Build number: KOT49H.rel.android-build.20151102.170607 release-keys
  4. Very strange - am I the only person who has got past the initial setup? My device already had the google account setup from last week when Tescos did whatever they did to get past the initial internet check. It was getting stuck on the 'check for updates' stage until yesterday, when switched on it checked for firmware updates and reported it was up to date, then went on to connect to the internet, update the rest of the apps and go on to the home screen. The only thing it won't do is update Android, so still stuck on 4.4.2.
  5. When I tried it this afternoon, just went straight through to the home screen after skipping tesco account. All appes etc. updated correctly and the play store is working. The only thing I can't do is update Android - when I try to update manually it just says latest version installed (kitkat 4.4.2).
  6. My Hudl2 is working! Finally past all the intial setup and into the home screen. Though don't seem to be able to update from Kitkat 4.4.2, it is reporting that it is up to date with that version...
  7. Just switched on my Hudl 2 and found it went past the initial internet check and on to link to my google account. yay. Unfortunately, after google sign in the device checks for updates again, can't find them and is then stuck in a loop between check wifi and try again. No way to use the keyboard trick at this point, nothing to do but switch off or master reset! Still, seems promising :)
  8. Just had this through from Texo Customer Servies, seems promising: 'We have now identified the problem and we’re currently attempting to fix the complex issue. I can’t give you an exact timescale just now, but I will be back in touch with a further update sometime next week. I know this is frustrating and I really appreciate your continued patience. Best wishes Lewis Gorrie Customer Service Executive to the Board'
  9. Get in touch with tescos: https://twitter.com/tescomobile and email the CEO: [email protected]
  10. amazing, thanks very much. A bit beyond me at the moment but great to know there is a solution. Can you update from the Tescos server once you're past the setup ping?
  11. This response from email to CEO yesterday: Good morning I’m very sorry that you’re unable to use your Hudl. We’re aware of the issue you describe and our technical team are looking into it. I’ll let you know as soon as I have an update from them. Thank you for your patience. Best wishes Lewis Gorrie Customer Service Executive to the Board They need new IT people if it's taking several weeks to even work out what the problem is at their end! If it's something very difficult and obscure, they could at least pass on that much information. Certainly doesn't seem they're treating the issue with anything approaching urgency...
  12. Still nothing useful back from tescos who are 'investigating' the problem and will get back if they ever get any information...
  13. It seems crazy that they can't give any information at all - no indication of whether or not they're working on the problem really. It can't be anything that complicated surely...
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