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  1. I have heard back from ComputerActive who tell me that they have been in touch with Tesco and were told -" they are doing their best to fix it and are still supporting the Hudl 1. " I think that Tesco underestimated the extent of this problem on receipt of the original complaints but the increasing number of complaints from this forum and the interest from major organisations seem to have forced a U turn . I think it will now be very difficult for Tesco to remove support for the Hudl for some time to come.
  2. Back in February Tesco were informing some Hudl owners that they were aware of a problem and were investigating.This was followed a little later with a set of instructions on how to deal with the problem,but as we now know these instructions did not work for most owners. Following further complaints to Tesco it would seem they now say - -sorry, the tablets have reached the end of their life.This is patently not true as many Hudls are still working away - unless their owner tried a Factory reset.! I am not a lawyer but surely any reasonable person reading the initial response from Tesco would be entitled to conclude that by agreeing there was a problem and issuing instructions for its solution Tesco were admitting it was their responsibility.To now say the tablets are finished and they are no longer responsible is,surely, unacceptable. I am pleased that so many of us have contacted various Consumer Rights organisations and am hoping that perhaps one of their legal experts will consider following this up.
  3. I sent an e-mail to ComputerActive magazine who have a very good readers help page. I have heard back from them and I believe they will be contacting Tesco. It seems very odd that Tesco are now saying there is nothing they can do after their initial reply advising how to solve this problem .I am wondering if it is because there is no longer anyone at Tesco with the necessary technical knowledge.!They are after all only grocers.! Seriously though , it is a very poor response from such a large organisation to dismiss this by saying the tablets have reached the end of their life The whole point is that these tablets were very much alive and working until a Factory reset was attempted.Presumably, the Factory reset procedure has previously been working and so the recent failures are surely the responsibility of Tesco. Perhaps the increasing adverse publicity will jolt them into action.
  4. BuddyB. I checked with "rootchecker" app. and it seems my Hudl is not rooted. I attach a screenshot showing the tablet's details.It would seem that not many others have been successful,which doesn't say much for Tesco's efforts.I am no expert but i would have thought that a factory reset would first of all clear all content from the tablet and then install a complete system but this seems not to be the case.Has anyone heard from Tesco as to what is going on? I thought that that was had happened to my Hudl as it seems to have reloaded all the original apps.,I have about 34 ( all the usual Google stuff but not,surprisingly, the Tesco icon !) I have downloaded some apps. from Play Store with no problems but have found one quirk.When I connect the Hudl charger the screen displays the white star starting screen but this remains on show even when the cable is disconnected after charging.The tablet then seems completely locked and will not respond to any key pressing.I found that using the high tec bent paper clip in the hole on the back routine did the trick and I was able to start the tablet as normal.Although it seems to be working OK I am still wondering if it is 100% but I don't think I will push my luck and try another Factory reset !
  5. Followed the latest Tesco advice and my Hudl1 is now working.During start up I kept getting messages that "Play store not working" and "Google search not working" but on completion of start up the "Lets get started " appeared and ran successfully.I entered my Google account details and I was able to access Play store.The bloatware apps. loaded on start up automatically updated and it all seems to be back in operation. My thanks to all of you who persisted with Tesco to resolve this widespread problem. I do have one problem however.Checking the list of installed apps. I found a "SuperSu" app.,which seems to be to do with rooting the Hudl.I have not knowingly downloaded this app. but when I first had the Factory Reset problem I did try to reload the Rom and downloaded and ran some programmes from other Forum threads (without success) and I wonder if this is where the app. came from. How can I determine if my Hudl has been rooted? grocer
  6. Thanks for your update.It does seem that Tesco are really dealing with the problem.Let's hope there is a satisfactory solution now. grocer
  7. I too could not find a relevant contact for Tesco so tried phoning their Tech. Support (surprisingly Hudl is still listed on the products supported page).I was put through to the Hudl team but the chap there was not very helpful - he seemed to think that the old server had bee dis-continued.IAfter looking through some old forum posts I tried flashing my Hudl with a custom Rom ( TabbieDroid v1.5 download (includes update fixes) - http://www.mediafire.com/?bnjtbcda415kuqo ) The tablet started up and displayed a message "Android optimising apps 0-39 ,but when this completed it continued with the start up screen until it stalled at the wi-fi page ,as before. It does seem that this internet connection is essential and it is poor practice by Tesco if they are have now shut it down.I know the Hudl is an old model but it was very successful in it's day and there must be quite a few still in use.I only used mine as an e-book reader but it was a useful item and a handy reserve for web browsing etc. Let us hope that Tesco re-instate the server after your contacts.
  8. I don't know what my build is -it was one of the early Hudl 1's. I only use it as an E-book reader and as most of the apps. are not used and as their number had increased over the years,I thought it was time for a spring clean so did a factory reset DOAH ! Now I cannot get past the wi-fi screen because there is no active server it seems. Not well up in these matters but wondered if it possible to replace the Rom . I only need a basic system for my reader.. grocer
  9. I have the same problem and would appreciate any advice to try and resolve it. Root tablet and refllash ROM ? Don' have a lot of experience with Android. grocer
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