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  1. Gregory891

    Hudl2 Wifi Issue

    I have a brand new one, it will see wifi and accept the wifi password but won't fully connect (but it states that it does). Same on four different networks that I've tried. I have an older bit of firmware (KOT49H.rel.android-build.20141009.191216). Did you find a solution?
  2. I have a brand new out of the box Hudl 2 given to me by a friend who bought in the UK some 3 years ago (he never used it). I have a similar problem. My device will see wif networks, I can enter the password but it fails to connect. I've tried this on my home, a friend's one and two cell phone "wifi" networks with the same result. I've rebooted / reset the device, which is redundant for a brand new unit, just in case. Same result. ANY suggestions how to set it up, possibly to update buggy software, so that it works?

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