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  1. Well done! I was happy with the workaround I posted on Page 5 but I this tablet will be used by a number of people so a fresh working install would be better. THE SERVER IS BACK! Mine is the earlier generation Hudl2 that was not fixed by Tesco's initial attempt. I can now confirm a fresh factory reset today - the setup completed all the way through no problem. So it seems the servers have been re-instated to give the right response. Nice one BellAlistair for providing them with the code to respond with, even though they don't seem to have acknowledged your effort - the rest of us appreciate it!
  2. It's official. Tesco are dropping this. I just has a Tweet DM reply from Tesco: " We have now been advised that the Hudl 1 and 1st addition Hudl 2's have now reached the end of life. This means that the update that has been put in place will not fix the issue you're seeing we're afraid. We're really sorry for any inconvenience caused by this and apologise we don't have any further resolution."
  3. OK I have a workaround if you are stuck at "Couldn't check for updates" Don't waste your time trying different permutations of the Tesco process, none of them will work as yet. The culprit for this is an app called "Hudl Updates" and the server it's trying to connect to is not responding, and there is no way to skip and no way to get a menu. The inspiration for the workaround was BuddyB's post about a second user. We can make a second user, and that user can complete the setup just fine and use the tablet as normal. Process (Edited. Thanks to BuddyB and robin0800) 1. Perform a fresh factory reset. 2. When you get to the WiFi setup, click 'Add network' on Select Wi-Fi page 3. Long press the mic key (bottom left) to see a cog. Select to go to Google Keyboard Settings 4. Select About Google Keyboard 5. Select open source licences 6. Highlight some text with a long press and select WEB SEARCH from the top right 7. Use the Search box to enter "Settings", and the hudl should make suggestions from web and from device apps - choose the Settings APP (this should show even if you have no internet). 8. In Settings, Click Users 9. Choose "Add user or profile" and enter a new user. 10. Follow the logical steps to set up the user and display on login. Play store, notification bar, everything works OK. When you reboot, the first thing you see will be a user selection. As long as you make sure you choose the extra account the Hudl2 will behave as normal. If you choose the wrong account by mistake, just short press the power key to lock the screen, re-open and choose again. Not only a workaround, but a diagnostic. It shows there is nothing wrong with the WiFi, the internet access, the user's behaviour, the process. It's a failure of an app to reach a server, and the app is Hudl Updates, which can be seen as follows:
  4. I've never been able to get beyond getting stuck at the "Couldn't check for updates" screen too. The only options are Check WiFi and Try Again. Tesco just contacted me to offer a slightly re-worded but similar sequence to that posted in P2, but it's made no difference even though they claim... Internet connection is categorically working (I can force a chrome browser session through a workaround, and it connects to the internet). But just can't get past this. Tried many variations of instructions including adding accounts. Thanks for posting an image Baldi80 - I also get stuck at this point......
  5. Same here with the Hudl2. It gets stuck in a loop at "Couldn't check for updates" with options Check Wi-Fi and Try Again. Choosing "Check Wi-Fi" flashes the list of WiFi signals very briefly before returning to the loop at "Couldn't check for updates" page, with no opportunity to change anything. Choosing "Try Again" loops back to "Couldn't check for updates" page. I performed a fresh factory reset to see if it would make a difference. I followed the Tesco advised procedure as posted by Anna65, but it still gets stuck in the same place.
  6. I was thinking this too. If we can determine which web address or IP address the hudl is trying to contact, we could spoof that address on a router and fool it into thinking the server still exists. I can't run wireshark on my router unfortunately, so I'd need to try and set up a temporary hotspot on a laptop, connect the hudl to the laptop and use wireshark to sniff the traffic. I don't have the free time to do this I'm afraid. Tesco have been responsive via twitter. I prompted today and they said they are still waiting for some more information (presumably from technical team).
  7. @Emphatic Groan - Same here, they engaged pretty much straight away. They asked for screenshots, so I did that and gave them a load of technical details, and they said they'd pass it to the technical team. Let's hope it goes somewhere positive To any others experiencing the same problem, it won't hurt to add your voice by contacting Tesco mobile via their Twitter page: https://twitter.com/tescomobile
  8. I've just found this thread via google and signed-up as I have a similar experience. Tesco mobile can be messaged via their Twitter page: https://twitter.com/tescomobile My Mother's Hudl was a bit messy with too many apps and I did a factory reset for her, and hit this same brick wall. Perhaps they coded the setup wizard to ping Tesco servers instead of something generic, which was very short-sighted if so. Anyway same problem, can connect to WiFi but it will not complete. I found an original support page, which seems to confirm this. In the "Perform a factory reset" section has the following message: Please note: If you factory reset the device while the Hudl services are down, the device will stay on a loading screen until the services are back online. https://techsupport.tesco.com/retailcustomer/hudl/hudl28-inch/index.html#l=trcust&lHsim=trcust&d=hudl/hudl2%208-inch&s=LCX_Root&loc=tescoretail So it does seem that by switching off these servers, Tesco has officially killed the Hudl 2. There is a rooting process, but it's quite involved and not worth the time for me. https://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/375250-easiest-way-to-root-hudl-2-running-latest-updatesoftware/
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