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  1. Hope you're still out there and see this! I've just found your files above when looking for a way to upgrade from KitKat to Lollipop now that the update is no longer available on the Tesco server. I have a number of hudl2s on KitKat but so far I've not found any that are on the two builds you mention above. So far I've found 20141009 and 20151102. I assume that your update files above are build specific and that I shouldn't try them on my hudls?! If that's the case, do you know where I could find update files for the builds my hudls are on? I look forward to hearing from you! Of course, if anyone else in the know sees this, please do reply! Thanks, Anna
  2. Yes, that is the downside with this solution and a real shame. I too would have preferred for Tesco to have restored everything to exactly how it was before the outage, really don't know why that wasn't possible. I have asked Tesco if it would be possible for them to provide a downloadable version of the Lollipop update, from a link on their support pages, so that one could at least apply the update from external storage - there's an option to do that in the Android recovery menu. But I haven't heard anything about that. Guess it's time to query it again. At least the hudls are working on KitKat now, as far as that's possible, and not bricked, so that's something, although not the ideal outcome.
  3. The Guardian article is now online: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2019/mar/25/tesco-hudl-tablet-support-kill-fix It was indeed my letter, although quite a bit shortened. That'll be this stay-at-home mum's claim to fame from here on - "I've been published". The reason for the inclusion of the link above is not to brag about my fame but there are actually quite a lot of interesting comments from people who have seen the article. In case anyone is interested. Now we just need to somehow let everyone know Tesco has fixed the problem... I've started doing reverse communications on eBay - previously I would warn people selling their hudls as working, now I'm contacting those who are selling theirs as faulty to let them know that it works again! No rest for the wicked... Thank you SO much to everyone on this thread - to the techies who identified the problem and explained it to Tesco, and to the rest of us who together managed to put enough pressure on Tesco to get them to reverse their decision! What a result! I'm one happy bunny (appropriate with Easter coming up and everything).
  4. Thanks for looking for it MikeProbs2, however unfortunately I can't find anything using that link either... Edit: ah, found it now, however it's all greyed out so I can't read it, tried to sign up, but even after that it's still greyed out and insists I pay to read... If you've signed up can you take a screenshot and upload?
  5. Very interesting! I believe I was the first, but not the only one, to write to the Guardian. Unfortunately I haven't bought the paper and my local shop doesn't have it and I can't find the story online. Any chance you can take a photo of it and upload it here so we can all read it?! Thanks!
  6. Yes, I have found this to be the case for hudl2s too, however it's not always that straightforward - sometimes the Play Store and Google Play Services seem to update themselves in the background like you say, and in this case, yes, the play store will start working after a while and it is possible to kick off all the other app updates (and there's no specific NEED to disable certain apps, only if you yourself specifically want to, but you can leave them all active and let them update themselves, it doesn't cause any problems). However, in some hudl2s the play store and google play services DON'T seem to update themselves automatically however long you wait (I have left some since yesterday, turned them off and on again sporadically, and still today the play store doesn't work). I've figured out one workaround so far, it is to open an app that needs updating, I've used YouTube since it happens to sit next to the play store icon, and it'll tell me that a newer version is available, Install Now? which I do. However, after the installation when I try to open YouTube it tells me that to run it needs Google Play Services to be updated, Update now? And once Google Play Services have updated, THEN the play store also works as it should. Still need to figure out if there's an easier way to trigger the update to Google Play Services when it doesn't happen by itself.
  7. PS. More specifically, I do get the Google Play store home screen, and I have even tried installing a simple app (Sketch - for most others it tells me "your device is not compatible with this version") and that works, but what doesn't work is checking for updates to all the pre-installed apps. When I click on the Menu, My Apps, which should trigger a check for available updates, I just get a blank screen with a circle going round and round... I've tried other routes, e.g. there's a notification pops up to say Google+ requires an update, I've clicked on it to try to get play store to work, but it doesn't (and it won't update Google+). I've tried launching YouTube, which tells me a newer version is available, Install now?, but this doesn't work either (I get a blank Play Store screen which says "Item not available"). I factory reset both tablets and started again. On one I chose "Download" at checking for updates, the other I selected "Not now". No difference, neither play store works. I've done some basic trouble-shooting, such as turning off and on again, checking that automatic updates is on, but no clue yet. I'll continue trying things. If someone else has already figured it out, let me know!
  8. Well well well… I've just sat down at my computer for the first time today and checked my emails. First I came across a reply to my email to Consumer Champions at The Guardian last week, and they say as follows: "Hi - I asked Tesco about your case and this is what they have said.... A Tesco spokesperson said: "We’re aware of a technical issue affecting a number of Hudl users and apologize to customers for any inconvenience caused. We have already fixed the issue for the majority of those who have contacted us and are urgently working on resolving any outstanding queries." Background A number of Hudl devices are experiencing difficulties connecting to the Hudl server. Tesco have not switched off the Hudl servers, this was not the cause of the issue. This can be fixed for newer versions of Hudl 2 devices. Customers wanting more information on how to resolve the issue can visit our dedicated customer support website www.tesco.com/productsupporttesco or contact us directly. We are working hard to resolve the issue for older versions of Hudl devices as quickly as possible." My first reaction was frustration, since we know that most of us do NOT have working hudls, so Tesco's above claim sounded like an outright lie. Then I read the email notification of Aislingeanbeag's post here on the forum and I decided to fire up a bunch of hudl2s that were previously stuck on the "Couldn't check for updates" and, lo and behold, they all went past that screen now! Doesn't seem to matter whether you say Update Now or Not Now, both options take you through to the home screen! However, on all of them I have trouble getting Google Play store to work, on a couple of them I did get the app updates to start downloading after a few attempts of only getting a blank Play store screen, but on the other two I'm still struggling. Don't know what I did differently on the first two so I will still have to do some more investigating to figure out a sure-fire way of getting the Play store to work. But looks like Tesco may have paid heed to (sorry I forget your handle)'s post detailing the exact response the server should be giving and that they didn't lie to The Guardian! Please let us know how the rest of you get on with your hudls!
  9. Hi again everyone, Yesterday afternoon I did another stint of warning sellers on eBay who are selling their hudls (both 1s and 2s) as fully working, unaware that their buyers will want to return them as faulty due to this issue... However, it looks like I've triggered some red flag on eBay and the number of messages I can send per day has been limited (to 6, it seems, after having sent 35 yesterday) so I wondered if someone else could take over for a bit? Someone on this thread did say earlier that they'd been doing the same. I've just had an online chat with eBay and they couldn't see any reason for my outgoing messages being restricted and promised to get the restriction lifted, but if someone else could warn the slew of new listings that would be good. Thanks!
  10. I'd rather do the other thing you said was possible, .i.e. to clone a 5.1 tablet and make all the 4.4.2 ones copies of it instead! That way no workarounds, user accounts, special instructions would be needed. So if anyone can figure out how to clone and can issue instructions, that would be great! (And as I said, I can provide both 5.1 and 4.4.2 hudl2s if necessary for the investigation.)
  11. Thanks Sarkie - even if it was a bit technical, it would have the advantage of being something that would only ever need done to a hudl2 once, even if it was factory reset it would now be safe from the current Tesco issue! The reason I'm asking is that in order to continue to sell hudl2s on eBay I would need a solution that will be invisible to the buyer - a hudl2 working perfectly normally on 5.1. I couldn't sell hudls that come with complicated instructions, complete embargo on ever doing a factory reset, etc... So if at some point you were able to issue step-by-step instructions on how to clone a 5.1 hudl2 onto 4.4.2 hudl2s I would definitely at least try to have a go at it, despite it being technical... Seeing I have 50ish 4.4.2 hudl2s to lose otherwise!
  12. Glad all the above makes sense to some people - but unfortunately all that sounds way to technical for me so I'm still hoping we can put enough pressure on Tesco to fix it, especially since it seems pretty simple for those who are technically minded. But I have a question to all you tech wizards here - is there a way to back up the entire contents of a working, factory reset, hudl2 on 5.1, operating system and all, and then use this backup to replace the entire contents of a non-working 4.4.2 hudl2, e.g. via the Android Recovery Menu? Basically give the stuck hudl2 a complete "brain transplant" and it'd wake up from its surgery a clone of the working hudl2?! If anyone knows of a way to do this, or thinks this might be possible and is willing to experiment, I'm happy to supply a working 5.1 hudl2 (if I can have it back afterwards - and also the non-working 4.4.2 hudl2, if the tech wizard in question only owns a hudl1).
  13. Great thanks for that, Baldi! As mentioned, I already emailed the guardian at the above address yesterday, and I have also already got open the BBC Watchdog contact page here on my computer and about to fill it in, but saves me some trouble looking up all those others you listed so thanks again, I will definitely be contacting everyone I can think of!
  14. Sounds like you've figured it out - can you email tech support, ceo etc to tell them exactly what it is that needs done?!
  15. They say "updates" when it's not updates we're after, it's the ability to contact the server so that our tablets can work, even without any updates. It is a different thing to just kill off two whole ranges of tablets without prior warning! Either they're still not getting the point or they're just trying to put a euphemistic spin on what they've just done. Please continue to write to your favourite newspaper since this is a scandal affecting thousands of tablets and their owners. Even just tonight there are still tablets being listed on eBay as "fully working and factory reset for the new owner". So many unpleasant awakenings still to come.
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