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  1. Great, thanks for that Emphatic Groan - I hadn't tried to connect in a couple of days so hadn't noticed this encouraging progress. It does look though like they're just setting up a "dummy handshake" server so that you can get through the set-up process - which does render hudls usable again and which is therefore a massive positive - however I do hope the final solution will also offer the Lollipop download for hudl2s...! Fingers crossed.
  2. Hello again guys, Eventually had a reply from my email to the CEO and there's some good news to be taken from it: Hello Anna Thank you very much for your email to Mr Lewis. I've been asked to get back to you. We are certainly aware of the issue with the Hudl servers and our IT team are still looking into it. I am informed by our technical team that we've sent out text messages and emails to affected Tesco customers, letting them know that we're still investigating. This of course won't extend to those who have purchased the devices second hand however, this is a priority and the right people are both aware and investigating it. I'm sorry I can't give you more concrete details on an outcome however, I hope you feel reassured by the attention we're giving this. Kind regards Ross Golden Customer Service Executive to the Board The good news being the mention of text messages and emails being sent to affected customers - I take this to mean they've sent either a text or email to anyone who bought a new hudl from them, for whom they have contact details. I did, out of the blue, receive a text message from Tesco last week, apologising for the problem I may be having with my hudl and saying they're working to solve it asap. I did wonder about that text message since I was pretty sure that I hadn't given them my mobile number in any of my communications with tech support over this issue. But back at Xmas 2014 I did buy two new hudl2s online and my Tesco account does have my mobile number attached. So if they've taken the step to contact all buyers of hudls for whom they have contact details then to me that shows that they are now fully aware of the magnitude of this issue. Which is something. Whether they get it sorted is something else... But fingers crossed!
  3. Good, I think we do need to keep the pressure up. Back when I asked you for Dave Lewis' email I wrote to him to make sure he knows that this issue affects ALL huld1s and about 1/3 - 1/2 of hudl2s - those that haven't been updated to Lollipop. I also pointed out that there is still a buoyant second-hand market for both types of hudls on eBay, and how many are already being sold as faulty due to this issue. And I also pointed out that AN AWFUL LOT MORE are being sold as fully working because the seller hasn't thought to try out reconnecting their hudl after they've factory reset it in preparation for sale, and all the buyers of these hudls are going to end up returning them as faulty... However, I only ever received the automated acknowledgement of receipt but did not (yet?) get a personal reply from his assistant Lewis Gorrie... I've also contacted a lot of sellers of hudls running KitKat on eBay - I buy broken hudls, fix them up, and resell them so I keep an eye on eBay several times daily - to make them aware of the issue so that they can decide whether to go ahead with the sale or wait for a potential resolution... I can't keep up with them all though so not managing to contact everyone.
  4. Unfortunately that is way too technical for me, totally beyond me, so I'll just have to wait for Tesco to sort it at their end...
  5. Yes, I too have had no luck in getting an update from them. On January 25th they said thus: Good morning Anna, I can definitely confirm that we received all of the supporting evidence that you supplied. My colleague, Conor, from the Operational Support Team is working with our business partners to try and find a solution for this issue as soon as is possible. Kind Regards, John Alexander Tesco Tech Support Tesco Customer Engagement Centre [email protected] and then on Sat 2/2 when I enquired after another week had passed without an update, they say: Good Morning Anna, Thank you for getting in touch with us. I'm sorry to inform you but I'm not able to provide with an update of the situation. The issue has been raised with our business partners and IT consultants and it is currently under investigation. Unfortunately I'm not able to provide you with any kind of a timescale for this investigation, as soon as we know anything we'll provide you with an update. Kind regards Shtiliyan Gospodinov Tesco Tech Support Tesco Customer Engagement Centre [email protected] I'm now going to email the Tesco CEO, thanks for the address BubbyB - maybe he isn't aware that ALL hudl1s and at least a third of hudl2s - an awful lot of hudls in other words - are useless until this is fixed and can put some pressure on Tech Support!
  6. Superb, thanks for that! Any chance you could let me know the email addresses you sent your two emails to as I would like to contact them too!
  7. Hi all, just read all the comments above and now adding my tuppence worth... No solution though, sorry, just some other observations that I've made during my own investigations into the issue: - This problem only happens with hudls running Android 4.4.2 KitKat. - The problem didn't start on 1/1/19, I was still updating hudl2s from Kitkat to 5.1 Lollipop (which is the first thing you must do when you start up a factory reset hudl2 that still runs KitKat) on Thursday 10/1 but then when I came to do it on Friday 11/1 it was no longer possible - this internet connection error comes up. - As some of you have also found out, I too tried using a non-factory reset hudl2 and it accesses the internet just fine, e.g. google, chrome etc, but if you try to download Lollipop (Settings, About hudl) you get the error, and also if you click on any of the Tesco services under About hudl, so yes the problem will have something to do with Tesco servers. - All factory reset hudl1s are bricked due to this since they all run KitKat and have never had the option to update to a later version. - All hudl2s that have been updated to 5.1 Lollipop are fine, even after a factory reset since it doesn't roll back the operating system, just the data. I too raised a case with Tesco a couple of weeks ago when I found this out, and sent them lots of photographic evidence which they asked for. They have been in touch via email and assure me that they're working on it. Hopefully they can re-enable services, surely they did not INTEND to brick ALL hudl1s and a third of hudl2s?! I fix hudls in my spare time and at any one time I have about a couple of hundred hudls2 here with broken screens (my supply of working motherboards) and the general proportion of Lollipop to Kitkat is about 2:1. But even though that's a majority of hudls that are fine, this problem still means that I'm sitting on an awful lot of bricked hudls, which I've paid good money for... So like all of you I'm putting pressure on them to get this sorted asap!

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