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  1. This sounds fantastic, I'll test my HUDL1 later. It looks like a bit of crowd-sourced technical knowledge and perseverance here paid off and probably helped Tescos resolve the issue for everyone. Hopefully they leave the server on for a few more years.
  2. Tesco have implemented the HUDL range in a terrible way making them reliant on other services they can just switch off. I have older, much cheaper, Chinese branded tablets that still boot up & are usable & allow me to reset them. They're great at being home-automation terminals around the house running light-weight UIs. Many industrial Android touch screen terminal solutions still run Android 4. Ideally Tesco will release an app that can be executed to remove the rogue server checks to release us all from condemning the tablets to landfill. If anyone has a step-by-step procedure to "almost" get the HUDL1 working I'd appreciate it.
  3. I got Nova installed on Hudl1. Did not have time to google for adding another user. Any tips on this? After I repowered the tablet I was stuck in the setup again so I'd not added another user or managed to set Nova as the default desktop app.
  4. I'm out at the moment, but are you guys talking about a hudl2 workaround with a 3rd party launcher. If it'll work on the hudl1 I'll try it tomorrow. I usually put nova on my devices anyway.
  5. Yes, didn't work and was wrong in one place for my hudl1. I replied with my procedure: The process for my hudl1 is: Power off and power up pressing the volume key at the same time. Use the boot recovery system v4.2.41 menu to perform a "wipe data/factory reset" then reboot. The hudl logo is displayed for some time. 1. At the "hello, let's get you up and running" greeting, press [Start] 2. Select WiFi. It connects to my chosen access point. 3. Press [Continue] to accept terms and conditions (your option 3 does not happen) 4. At the "Google & location" screen, uncheck "use WiFi location" and "let Google apps access your location" and press [>] 5. At the "set up Google" screen, press [No thanks] 6. At the "have a tesco account", press [No] 7. Press the "skip this for now" link at the "register with tesco" screen. 8. The "couldn't check for updates" screen is displayed. Pressing [try again] repeats the screen. Pressing [check Wi-Fi] allows a Wi-Fi access point to be selected again - well, almost. It displays a list of APs then quickly goes to the checking for updates screen again.
  6. My unrooted, original firmware hudl1 still stuck in "checking for updates". I tested last night and just now. Tried with ticked and unticked options, with and without Google account. I always skip the Tescos account option. Maybe the services are intermittently up at the moment.
  7. Will test my HUDL1 tonight again, wasn't working on Saturday.
  8. Hudl 1 gets stuck at stage 8 - "couldn't check for updates" loop with [check Wi-Fi] and [try again] buttons. Hopefully they will release new firmwares once we get them booted so they are no longer dependent on the tesco servers.
  9. email just in: Thank you for bearing with us while we work on the issue with our Hudl server. I’m not in a position to give you a final response today, but we are continuing to make progress and I hope to have better news for you by the middle of next week. We really appreciate your continued patience. Best wishes Lewis Gorrie Customer Service Executive to the Board
  10. Hudl 1 working fine 2 weeks ago, albeit with a wobbly USB so I replaced the microusb socket and thought I'd complete the refresh by doing a factory reset. Big mistake huh?! It's never been rooted or had any other firmware. I was going to try flash another but then read that you still have the same issue. One guy had tried 3 firmwares all with the same WiFi wizard nonsense. I contacted Tesco and they said they were investigating, they then came back and said it's out of warranty so could not help. I had included links to other forum threads discussing this issue and told them they have condemned lots of useful devices, some being resold on Ebay, to land fill. I also said it should be reported to a BBC consumer protection show. I do not expect Tesco to help. Has anyone tried wireshark to determine what the hudl wants? If it is just pinging a tesco server then it maybe possible to frig a local dns entry to simulate the missing service. If I get chance I maybe up for this challenge. It could be a solution for the more technical hudl owners. Annoying.
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