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  1. @jromariz I had a similar issue, I managed to fix it and outlined the steps for you:
  2. Hello, I recently dug out my Smart Ultra 6 and wanted to remove CM and switch to Lineage with Magisk. However I found a lot of dead links and issues trying to do so. The main issue I had was a bootloop on LineageOS 14, which the recommended fix for was to install a rooted 6.0.1 ROM first - however all links were dead. Therefore I've compiled some links and basic steps which could be useful to anyone else who stumbles across this forum looking for help Directory Link Here 0. (optional - if you are using a custom ROM) Getting back to stock - Use your current recovery to flash (Smart_Ultra_5.1.1_recovery [STOCK].zip) - Reboot into recovery to run (Smart_Ultra_5.1.1_update [STOCK].zip) - Reboot to system and update OTA to latest marshmallow 6.0.1 1. TWRP on Marshmallow - Extract 'Smart_Ultra_TWRP_recovery[] (qfil)' to C:\TWRP - Install MiFlash (Ignore QFIL/qualcomm flash image loader) - Load in the C:\TWRP directory - Plug your phone in via USB and hold power and volume down to boot into Qualcomm flash mode - Keep hitting refresh until your device shows up, then never touch it again - hit flash, it'll probably fail - keep rebooting your phone (holding power and volume down) and hitting flash, eventually it'll take 2. Backup - Reboot back into recovery (now TWRP) - Take a NAND backup You can now proceed to install lineageOS/gapps/magisk via TWRP. Regards Andrew
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