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  1. Reply from Lewis Gorrie "Hello Mrs Broadley I'm sorry that I've not been back in touch until now. We have now identified the problem and we’re currently attempting to fix the complex issue. I can’t give you an exact timescale just now, but I will be back in touch with a further update sometime next week. I know this is frustrating and I really appreciate your continued patience. Best wishes Lewis Gorrie Customer Service Executive to the Board" As usual the eternal optimist in me is still hopeful!
  2. Just wanted to add my thanks to chrievilgenius for the post above. It's too technical for me, plus I have a hudl 1. It's excellent that there is a solution. I've got a lot on right now, but I will follow up next week with with Lewis Gorrie because I have not had any further replies from him. I'd like to believe he's hanging on for some news about the situation before replying to me, but I doubt very much this is the case. I noticed how many hudls are for sale on eBay, especially ones showing the wifi sign in screen after a factory reset. Imagine you're the seller and don't know the situation, or the buyer getting something that looks good, but is useless. A lot of trouble stored up there.
  3. Being an eternal optimist I'm hoping that the reference to 'our business partners' means Tesco is discussing the problem with the manufacturers. I've not had any further replies yet, but I will let you know when I do.
  4. The CEO is Dave Lewis and I sent the email to [email protected] I got an acknowledgement the next day and the day after that I got the reply from Lewis Gorrie. This is the first time I've contacted the CEO of a company and I knew he wouldn't personally reply, but thought I'd give it a go (and it made me feel like I was doing something!). The other email I sent to [email protected], but the reply was from [email protected] In my email I explained that I was sending the email to customer service because the only way given on the website to contact technical support was by phone and I can't use the phone. TBH I don't expect a positive result from my emails, but I wanted to add my details to the long list of hudl owners that Tesco Technical Support must have by now.
  5. I cannot use the phone, so I sent 2 emails about this to Tesco this week. The first one was to customer service and was not surprised to receive this kind of reply - I'm really sorry but we still have no update of when this will be fixed at the moment. Can you please let me know what fault you had that caused you to do the factory reset? I have been asked to pass this information on so that we can prevent something like this happening again. I sent a swingeing reply explaining my device was not faulty, I just wanted to clear out all my old files and apps, use the tablet to listen to audiobooks and I don't even need the internet. I added Tesco has been say this to owners since 2017, so was it just waiting for them to give up and bin the devices? I also emailed the Tesco CEO this week and I've had a reply from the Customer Service Executive to the Board Thank you for letting us know about the problems you’re having with your Hudl. I still use mine, for exactly the type of activities you mention, so I completely understand how popular these still are. I’m sorry you’re having problems resetting yours, and that you found it difficult to contact our team. It’s not a query that I can answer myself, so I’ve asked one of my colleagues in our technical support team for some advice. I’ll be back in touch as soon as I receive their response. Best wishes Lewis Gorrie Customer Service Executive to the Board That sounds more helpful, so I will let you know how it goes.

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