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  1. Ask Paul to tweet this thread out for a bigger Audience
  2. Well, if it's the same hardware, do we have the firmware for it? I'm new to Hudl scene
  3. Ok, so for your case, you need someone to do the same instructions for a Hudl 2 and figure out the right response. I'm sure someone will help soon. And then you need a Windows laptop, and once you've done it once it'll be easy for the other tablets, you just need a Sunday like today to understand the instructions and then bypass the updates, then create a tablet user with instructions on your listings to not Factory Reset!
  4. For the non technical people, a solution could be if someone could host a proxy service that responds correct JSON response but would need to pass through data. The thing you want @Anna65 can be done, I'm looking at that, but you'll need a Linux cd and replace the default recovery image. So still quite technical unfortunately.
  5. Ah just saw the updates, this is exactly what was needed. Can someone follow the same steps for a Hudl 2? There was another thread where a user knew what response to send back for a Hudl 2 for the JSON response part. Great work @BellAlistair thanks for persevering.
  6. Perfect, exactly what I needed. You just manually edited the response? I've forgotten what I've done to my ROM (edited and removed files) but if I Factory Reset it then it doesn't talk to Hudl servers, so I can create a Cyanogenmod Backup with this version for future reference.
  7. Can you go to http://ipv4.fiddler:8888/ in Chrome using the Keyboard trick and then you can download the cert, and if you click you can add to your cert store (you will have to add security pin or pattern) thanks!
  8. Can I have a bit of help from users still stuck please if you are technical enough? Install Fiddler 4 Follow these instructions on your Hudl, you might have to do to the workaround to load the fiddler ipv4 test page. https://docs.telerik.com/fiddler/Configure-Fiddler/Tasks/ConfigureForAndroid Then do the part that runs an update and then save the session in Fiddler and send me the file. What I'm thinking is, I can then write a Fiddler Script to return the correct response to allow us to continue the install. Thanks
  9. Would it be worth me creating a Cyanogen backup of my working hudl1 rom and share that?
  10. Maybe they were testing something and I was very lucky?
  11. Ok, the only other thing I did was install a newer gapps via recovery but that was ages ago, so don't think it is related as it's the ota package messing everyone up. My idea to fix this was to use the keyboard bypass trick and install an Https cert then use fiddler proxy to return a valid response
  12. It has started working for me this morning, I was going to go on and do a similar fix to yours, using a Proxy but Tesco might have fixed it?
  13. My Hudl 1 updating has started working this morning.
  14. @chrisevilgenius can you do an image that's passed the WiFi with no user installed maybe please? Then it'll be easier for users to have a clean image and all they have to do is add a Google Account. Thanks
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