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    Tesco server down

    If we knew what the expected response from hudl-v3-swarm2.uksouth.cloudapp.azure.com should be it would make things a lot easier...
  2. LV426

    Hudl service update

    Hi chrisevilgenius - I agree, the site should have had more resiliency, especially given the reliance on it to perform factory resets! If you take a look at the history of outages it would probably make you think twice about using their services, they appear to have had daily outages! Good work on the Hudl 2, I was kind of hoping Tesco had turned the servers back on by now though! I'm a little upset to say the least as I have amassed a lot of spares and accessories for these devices, seems they are all now worthless...
  3. LV426

    Hudl service update

    So I did a little digging after I factory reset my Hudl and it wouldn't complete setup (stuck at the "need a WiFi connection to continue"). It appears it's trying to communicate to device.mobile.tesco.com.trafficmanager.net, which in turn links to hudl-v3-swarm2.uksouth.cloudapp.azure.com. After a bit of research I found out that it looks like it's the Azure service is down. https://www.theregister.co.uk/2019/01/10/microsoft_uk_south_wobble/ It may not be Tescos doing after all?

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