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  1. Brilliant mines gone past the update screen now fingers crossed it solves everyone's problem. Anyone know if I can still update the OS mines still on 4.4.2
  2. I'm shocked they've just abandoned the Hudl support especially since there's been no warning. In my case it was getting slow so I factory wiped it at the startup and now I can't use it anymore
  3. But even those steps didn't work for my Hudl 2 it just gets stuck on the update screen
  4. Thanks that did the trick. Fingers crossed they hurry up on the fix
  5. I've tried to follow the instructions but I don't get the settings option once I'm in chrome if I don't connect to WiFi first. Trouble is once I connect to WiFi I get stuck on the update screen with the try again option and I can't click add network
  6. I tried my Hudl 2 last night and I'm still stuck on the update screen
  7. My dad gave me his Hudl 2 this week as it was getting slow so I factory reset it and I've ran into this WiFi problem when trying to set it up glad I'm not the only one and that they seem to be trying to fix it I was about to bin it
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