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  1. YES! My Hudl 1 has got past the setup process (at long last)! Massive congratulations to everyone on this forum for working together to figure out the nature of the technical side of the failure and keeping pressure on Tesco to support this much loved line of tablets... Was holding off mentioning it until I saw how it played out but I'd been in contact with the BBC (producer of "Rip Off Britain) and they were interested in this case, but then have gone quiet in recent days... I reckon Tesco have probably told them that they are sorting it so it's no longer a story worth the BBC's time and effort to follow up on. I suspect that Tesco's have been contacted by several media outlets recently and this may have contributed to a change of heart with regards to continued technical support for the Hudl line. As others have mentioned though, hope this doesn't come back around in a few years time when management changes and they look to shave a few quid off of their tech support budgets... Team effort in action! Great stuff!
  2. Only just come on here and seen this... Looks interesting and very promising if a little technical. Great work BellAlistair! The file that you save to create a new rule in Fiddler... Does that have personal info in it specific to your own Hudl 1, or do you reckon it's a "universal" set of code for any Hudl 1? I only ask in that if it's universal then could you upload it on here? Then it would possibly work the same way with half the instructions? Maybe I'm misunderstanding... EDIT: Oh actually, yeah I see that you still need many of the steps regardless to get the temporary certificate.
  3. For those, like me, wanting to take this matter further and involve consumer affairs media, then please feel free to contact the following... [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
  4. Annoyed now... Just this morning got this from Tesco having had no information from them for ages (from [email protected]). I have 3xHudl 1 tablets btw. "Hi I’m sorry you’ve had problems using your Hudl since performing a factory reset. We’ve been working on a fix, and I’m happy to let you know that you’ll now be able to get your Hudl working again by following the steps below. 1. On the “Hello” start-up screen, select Start and then select your WiFi connection. 2. On the Terms & Conditions pop-up box, select Continue. 3. When asked if you’d like to add a Google Account or sign up for one, select No. 4. Untick both boxes in Google & Location and tap the arrow to proceed. 5. On “Have a Tesco Account”, select No. 6. On Register with Tesco, select Skip. 7. You’ll see Checking for Updates and Updating Apps progress pages. 8. When asked to update apps, select Not Now. 9. Select Finish. 10. You’ll now be taken to the Home screen of your Hudl and you’ll be able to use it as normal. If you’ve any problems when following the above steps, please contact Tesco Technical Support on 0800 323 4060 (0330 123 4060 from mobile), letting me know which step is causing the issue. Thanks for your patience while we fixed this issue. Tesco Technical Support" They talk as if it's all sorted now, but this is the same set of instructions posted a while back and having checked yet again, still does nothing to remedy the problems with my Hudl! I'll email them later to explain my frustration. Been looking at warranty issues and there may be recourse with sale of goods act that gives 6 years of cover to goods bought in UK, though information is all over the place and not always clear when it's useable in this sort of situation. Worrying that this lands just on the right side of the six year mark for my purchased Hudl 1's... Hope Tesco aren't playing for time on getting past that 6 years mark...
  5. I understand all of that, just can't figure out why Grocer seems to have got his Hudl 1 up and running? Must be something different with their rom or something (rooted?)? Didn't think having root access changed anything to do with this issue, but maybe it does? As mentioned previously I'd found an eBay seller claiming that their for sale Hudl 1 had been rooted with "Kingo Root" app to bypass this problem, but can't see how this would work. Surely the base ROM is still the same, so update request and failure would be also?
  6. Just tried again and did another factory reset for good measure, making sure to follow the steps mentioned earlier and not entering the Google account sign in info... No change here. Still stuck at trying to update. Not given up hope though as at least some seem to be having some success, so hopefully not long before they're all working once more...
  7. Tried again on Saturday evening with usual connection problem results, but above sounds promising... Maybe something was fixed through the weekend? Look forward to trying again when I get in from work and I'll post results here. Worth noting I have had no further replies from Tesco following my initial response from contacting them. Seems strange that they're contacting some but not others with this issue. Maybe I'm not being persistent enough!?
  8. As someone before has done, I have took to warning some eBay sellers of these issues, as they may not be aware having done the factory reset then just put them straight up for sale. Just for Hudl 1 models as from what I understand 100% are affected where Hudl 2s may not be. Came across this one: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tesco-Hudl-1-/254141032050?nav=SEARCH It states in the description...: "Factory reset, Please note that this item has been rooted (Kingo Root) so that it can be set-up without the Tesco Server." Rooting is a bit beyond me at the minute, but willing to learn. Be warned though that as far as I can tell this "Kingo Root" is frowned upon by those that write about rooting devices as it may send device info to developers or dodgy sources or something. Just thought it may be of interest if true. Not even sure it is true as I'm sure that others have mentioned that rooting and alternative ROMs don't bypass the setup server? Pretty sure Tesco would wash their hands of any device that's been rooted or software modified as it's then not their responsibility, but as an absolute last resort I'd certainly consider it if no other fix materialised. Anyone know more than I on such things?
  9. Tried again this evening for Hudl 1 and as above, still getting stuck at the update stage. Good to see that something is happening though and that Tesco at least appear to be genuinely looking for solutions. Would be nice if they made the info for the specs/software open source or something. I'm sure I read somewhere that the Hudl tablets are fairly locked down software wise compared to others of the era. Way beyond my knowledge, but at least would give the coders, hackers and tinkerers out there something to go on to offer a community solution and maybe even an updated Android version ROM (probably a pipedream though). Im considering approaching some teccy YouTubers and media outlets (consumer affairs shows on TV/radio) to try and get further traction on this, but don't want to rush to judgement if it's going to be sorted soon enough. Glad that to see people coming together here, keeping eachother updated and keeping the pressure on... Keep up the good work!
  10. Just signed up here to reply, follow this thread an then just emailed [email protected] Really annoyed at all of this! Truly love the Hudl and it beggars belief that this may be the fate of all the Hudls out there still serving their purpose when the unsuspecting user decides to do something as simple, standard and usually harmless as a factory reset! It's end cannot be this way! Not with a bang but a whimper. Dread to think how many people may have abandoned all hope for their beloved Hudl without researching and understanding the implications that this seems to be a problem born of shortsighted legacy support from Tesco This could be pretty hard hitting to customer confidence in Tesco as a company if they fail to find an appropriate remedy and if many more people become aware of the issue. Hope this is sorted soon. My Tesco email below... : Dear sir/madam, I write to you very frustrated having just spent the last few hours trying to set up one of our 3 Hudl 1 tablets, all bought new through Tesco, having done a factory reset. It seems that when going through the initial setup process for a new user the tablet essentially "gets stuck" at the stage of seeking any new updates online. The process fails every time. There is no option to skip or bypass this step. It appears that your tech support team is well aware of this problem as I have had to spend my evening trying to Google for a solution and finding this page... https://www.modaco.com/forums/topic/382204-hudl-2-connects-to-wifi-but-tesco-update-server-not-switched-on/ I realise this is an older product and assumed to be well out of warranty, but three of these were bought from you in the good faith that they would operate normally until such time they will eventually perish from hardware failure and become economically unviable to repair. This has not happened, that is it is not hardware failure here. The tablet was working this morning, just cluttered with apps not suitable for our households new user. So performing the standard practice of a factory reset has essentially (at least currently) rendered this device useless until the problem is resolved at the server side. This has happened without any warning, workaround or advice being offered based on what appears to be a lack of foresight to legacy support and future proofing. The web forum mentioned above stated that customers have been contacted regarding this issue but I have no trace of any message ( and am with Tesco mobile). Please advise asap on current progress of a fix or workaround for this issue. Yours faithfully,
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